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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue 286 :)

Club Penguin Times issue 286 April 8, 2011 :)

Igloos Go Green!

Designers prepare for Earth Day with new plants from Better Igloos. It’s a jungle out there! Thanks to the new plants in the Better Igloos catalog, green igloos are sprouting up everywhere. “Earth Day is just around the corner,” said an igloo expert. “We’ve got to prepare!”

“Luckily many homes are still green because of the last igloo contest,” she said. “So adding plants is a natural move.”

Not only are the plants easy to look after, they’re also useful for building things.

“I built a maze using dozens of hedge trees,” said the igloo expert. “But I had to spend 10 minutes finding the exit!”

Rain forests and jungles are also easy to create. “My puffles really like the greenery,” said another designer.It must remind them of living in the wild.”

Earth Day is starting April 21, but you don’t need to wait to celebrate the planet.

Use new plants to make your igloo green all year round! What’s New in April and May?

Norman Swarm Coming Soon to the Stage :)

Back by popular demand – starting April 15 at the Stage!

The play tells the story of a scientist who accidentally shrinks down to bug size. To find the cure, he asks some friendly insects for help.

We asked a theater critic for his review. “Norman Swarm is one of the island’s biggest plays…or is it the smallest?” he asked.

“Either way, it’s chock full of goodies— including a secret room!”

Actors must work together to help Norman unlock the hidden area. Next week we’ll be speaking to some of the cast for the full scoop.

Get ready to shrink down when Norman Swarm re-premieres next week beginning on April 15. Norman Swarm Secrets and Links Collection Post :)

News Flash :)

Arrr! Rockhopper be comin’! Keep your eye on the sea: Rockhopper and Yarr will be docking soon! Experts say the captain should arrive just in time for the Earth Day celebrations on April 21. Look through the telescope at the Beacon to watch for Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

When the island gets too loud, try muting the music.

Dear Aunt Arctic, Sometimes I don’t want to hear the music on Club Penguin. How can I make it stop?–Noise Eh

Dear Noise Eh,
There are many ways to deal with too much noise on the island. When I’m working and my puffles are being too loud, I simply pull my hat down over my ears to block out their tomfoolery.

But if you don’t have a hat as fuzzy as mine, there’s another way.

On the bottom part of your screen, click on the ? and choose “Mute Music”. It’s a speedy way to find peace and quiet when you need to concentrate on something—like reading a story.

Remember, if you get tired of the silence, you can always turn the music back on!

Secrets Classified Jet Pack Adventure Perfect Run :)

Play Jet Pack Adventure while avoiding all the coins, and you’ll earn a secret prize! You’ll receive 1000 coins (and the Extreme ‘Ace Pilot’ Stamp!) if you make it to the end of level 5 without getting a single coin. Hint: Use up all your fuel at the end of each level. Hover just above the landing pad until it’s gone. Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 285 :)

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