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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 287 :)

Earth Day Surprises are Coming  and Norman Swarm Now at The Stage :)

New costumes will be inspired by endangered animals. Clothing designers are coming up with something special for the Earth Day Party.We’re working on two new costumes for members,” said one designer, a Snow Leopard, and an African Painted Dog!”

“We hope to give party penguins a real sense of the animals’ natural homes,” said the designer.

“So get ready for some rare adventures at the Earth Day Party.”

Aunt Arctic, Chief Editor of the Club Penguin Times, added this note:

“Each year, I’m amazed by all the generous penguins who donate to Coins For Change. With Earth Day, we have another chance to make a difference. Let’s show these animals how much we care.

The Earth Day Party begins April 21—I can’t wait to see the new costumes!” Links to more info and Earth Day Sneak Peeks :)

Norman Swarm Now at the Stage :)

Actors, directors and stagehands needed to join production. Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed is back! With a hidden room and a new pin to find, this play has a role for everyone.

“There's a lot going on in this show,” said a theater critic. “I can't wait to join in!”

“I'm not much of an actor,” he continued. But I really like helping with all the special effects.”

Norman Swarm is a scientist who accidentally shrunk down to the size of a teeny, tiny bug. To help Norman—actors and stagehands must work together to find a cure. Work as a team to uncover the hidden room—and help Norman get back to normal. Get ready to join the cast when Norman Swarm hits the Stage, starting April 15. Secrets in the Norman Swarm Play :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting April 21 Earth Day Party Turn green!

Starting April 21 Easter Scavenger Hunt Prepare for an Easter eggs-travaganza!

Starting April 21 Rockhopper Arrives! Party with Rockhopper when the Migrator docks for Earth Day.

In celebration of Puffles from Feb. 11 – Apr. 21, every two weeks TWO pins will be hidden on the island.

Find the collectible pins! Hidden now until April 20 Next pin hidden April 21-May 5 Orange Puffle and Brown Puffle Pins :)

Earn Ice Fishing and Pizzatron 3000 Stamps starting April 26!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, What happens to old newspapers?–E. Cofriendly

Dear E. Cofriendly, I can happily say that each issue of the Club Penguin Times does not go to waste. Thanks to the Recycling Center at the Mine, we can now recycle old issues with ease. I also like to keep a copy of each newspaper piled in my igloo. That way I can re-read my favorite articles whenever I please. If you want to read back issues of the newspaper, you should visit the Boiler Room beneath the Night Club. You’ll always find the latest six issues in the filing cabinet. Feel free to rifle through the old papers to reflect on recent parties and events. It’s just as important to keep up with the latest news, as it is to recycle.

Caring for Puffles can be a heap of responsibility!

Dear Aunt Arctic,I adopted too many puffles! What can I do?–Huffed and Puffed

Dear Huffed and Puffed, Puffles are adorable, but looking after them is a big responsibility. Sometimes even the most thoughtful owner can be overwhelmed by too many pets. If you’re certain you want to let your puffle go, you can now return your puffle to its natural habitat. Once you’re sure, click your puffle and choose ’Pet Papers.’ Then click the X-Puffle button.You’ll be asked if you wish to return your pet to its natural habitat. Click ‘yes.’ It’s as simple as that.Should you wish to adopt again, you’ll be able to choose another puffle in the Pet Shop. Try adopting one puffle at a time. Taking care of one special pet can be very rewarding indeed.

Secrets Classified Astro Barrier Secret Levels :)

Have you played the secret levels in Astro Barrier? On the “Press Enter” screen, in between levels 10 and 11, wait about 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship that appears on the left.Complete all the secret levels to earn the Astro Secret Stamp! Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 286 :)

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