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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day STAMP Party 2011 :) FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE Earth Day and in Town I met Looly Pop 95 :) HAPPY Earth Day :)

…THANKS Club Penguin for adding Environment Friendly Stamps to earn During this Party :) Earth Day Party Stamps Added :) GO GREEN! Stamp Earned :)

…To earn Next Stamp Penguins need to work TOGETHER :) AWESOME!!! That is my Favorite kind of Stamps :) I Tweeted that I was in Server Oyster and asked my Friends to come and Help me :) Hello! Thanks for coming :) Let’s dress up like Trees to earn the Tree Mob Stamp :)

…This is FUN but we need MORE Trees :)

…More Friends came including HERBERT! LOL :) Thanks Baimezan :)

…HURRAY!!! Tree Mob Stamp Earned :)


2011-04-21 18.52.23 - Copy

…Sadly the Tree Costume is not Available to buy in Club Penguin right now…

…I sent as Many Postcard I could but sadly some Penguin mailboxes were Full!

…Tips: You need to have LESS than 50 saved cards in your mailbox before you can receive a new one from another Penguin…or TREE…LOL :)

2011-04-21 19.25.12 - Copy

…Tree Dancing around the Community Tree :)

…Let’s Grow Trees…LOL :)



…When we Recycling in Real Life we’re Saving Ourselves!

…and Trees! Oops! That’s US too right now! LOL :) Keep on Working :)

…Sure I can send more Postcards :) Just remember that I can’t see or talk to anyone while doing that…

…We have so Much FUN HAPPY RUNNING around the Crow’s Nest :)

…HEARTS for Rockhopper RUNNING :)

…If you ALL make sure your Penguins name are visible I will take a Picture…That ALMOST worked…LOL :)

…Then we had FUN Playing Treasure Hunt Game TOGETHER :)


…Then we Played at The Dock :) We are HUNGRY!!! Thanks Pilpulp for feeding us African Painted Dogs :)

…at the Snow Forts some Snow Leopards felt COLD and ALONE!

…don’t worry…you are NOT ALONE! We are ALL here TOGETHER :)


…What will we do now?

…First Let’s Eat! We LOVE PIZZA :)

…and then as you wished…Welcome to My Home :)

…Time to Help out so MORE Penguins can earn the Tree Mob Stamp :)

…THANKS to ALL Party Trees and Penguins that came to this Earth Day Stamps Party :) Keep having FUN Working TOGETHER :) HAPPY EARTH DAY :)

…For MORE Party FUN see the Earth Day Party and Easter Egg Hunt 2011 LINKS Collection Post :)  And here you can see More FUN with Friends :)


Anonymous said...

thats was cool to met you


Trainman1405 said...

I see me in there! :P

Anonymous said...

In the picture that has the penguin that says "Lets grow to be big trees," I SAID THAT!

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril, you wrote: We has so much fun running around the Crow's Nest instead of: We had.
I hoped this helped, Saraapril
-Indy 4321

Coolgirl670 said...

glad you had fun :)

Winthrope said...

The Treasure Hunt game was very fun!

Pilpulp said...

Wow! So much fun! You should do that more often! And now my snow leopard is not lonely! :D! There were many great people there! Hope to come again!

Best Party Ever!

Ps: Would you like to visit my igloo sometime? Just comment when you can and what server. At the party I was very annoying yelling out "COME TO MY IGLOO" I understand that was stupid now please forgive me! Sorry for making this so long!

haley7249 said...

im in the picture!!!!! :D

Emma84432 said...

Hi, Saraapril! Rockhopper gives you a new background when you meet him!!

Coolpiggy11 said...

Yay, you tried to send me a postcard. Thanks.


Coolpiggy11 said...

When you sent me the postcard in the picture you can see I have the Rockhopper Background. That is how it looks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun we had that day Saraapril!

-Guillermo102 :-)

P.S. After saying pizza a lot, we finally went to the Pizza Parlor LOL!

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