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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ice Fishing Game Stamps and CHEATS :)

Today the old Club Penguin Ice Fishing Game was updated and this is how it looks like now :) Right now I’m Lime Green in the Picture just as my avatar was when I entered the Game :)

How to Play Ice Fishing in Club Penguin :)

Move: Move your mouse up and down to raise and lower your hook.
Catch: Click above the ice to release your fish into the ice fishing bucket.
Hints: Fluffy 4 coins, Mullet 100 coins, Worms 1 life.
Danger: Crab, Jellyfish, Shark, Barrel and Boot.

…While Playing the Ice Fishing Game you can earn Stamps too :)

Snack Attack Feed a fish to a shark Snack Attack Stamp CHEATS :)  Shock King Get 3 shocks from jellyfish and finish the game Shock King Stamp CHEATS :) Fishtastic Catch 15 fish without any mistakes, Worm Win Finish the game without losing a worm, Crab Cuts Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game Crab Cuts Stamp CHEATS :) Afishionado  Catch 45 fish without any mistakes, Gray Goodies Catch 15 gray fish, Prize Mullet Capture Mullet, Fly Fisher Catch 63 fish in under 5 minutes, Ace Angler Hook 15 gray fish and Mullet with no worm lost (members only) Ace Angler Stamp CHEATS :)

…click on the note at the wall to get the Ice Fishing Catalog :) You need to buy this Fishing Rod 200 coins to be able to play the Secret Grey Fish Levels :) How to Fishing rod works: Enter Ice Fishing while holding the Fishing rod. You’ll get to fish with it in the game :) And here you can read the Secret about How to Catch Mullet in Ice Fishing Game :)

…Now you know all the Secrets :) It’s time to Go Fishing :) You find the Game inside the Ski Lodge :)

…after you have earned ALL the Stamps you will earn Double Coins Bonus every time you Play this Game :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Ice Fishing Game UPgrades BUG!


Anev4eCP said...

Hmm... I dont have these stamps :(

Saraapril said...

@Anev4eCP Try to a clear your Cache :)

Rico1206 said...

Can you do a guide on "Snack Attack"?
I have EVERY OTHER Ice Fishing stamp. And I have 9/10 Pizzatron Stamps as well. 2 more stamps until 220...and those 2 will be the Dessert Xtreme and Snack Attack.

Anonymous said...

how do you get the snack attack stamp? every time i leave the fish on the line to feed to the shark he just eats my line :(

Anonymous said...

how many coins are the grey fish worth?

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