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Friday, April 22, 2011

Rollerscape The Ice Caves :) Beta Test???

Happy77 has Posted a Sneak Peek Beta Test Video of a NEW Disney Club Penguin Puffle Game named Rollerscape on her YouTube Channel  :) Thanks Awez Ome for telling me about this :)

…COOL Beta Team Login Screen :)

Rollerscape Login Screen Beta Team  :)

…Here are some Pictures from the Ice Caves :)

…Select Level Normal or Race :)

…This Game looks AWESOME :)

…Look at the Icy White Puffle picking up an O’Berry and searching for the Golden Key so she can unlock the Next Level…AWESOME :) I can Hardly WAIT until I can Play this Game!!!

Rollerscape The Ice Caves :)

…PLEASE Club Penguin Team this looks like so Much FUN can I be a Beta Tester too? Pretty Please?

How to Play Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS :)

How to Play Puffle Launch Game CHEATS :)

UPDATE: HURRAY!!! THANKS Club Penguin :) How to become a Club Penguin Beta Tester?


Anonymous said...

ooo it looks cool


Saraapril Needs to be BETA! said...

You as CP's BIGGEST blogger should have access to Club Penguin's Beta Test website! This would really allow CP to get more in touch with its large fan base! You should start a petition or email CP so you can access this system and give us hints and previews! THIS WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT IDEA! You HAVE to try this, it would be so cool, and who knows? Maybe they'll let you have access! (anyways they gave you a free copy of herbert's revenge, so maybe they will do it, LETS TRY!) :D

Anonymous said...

Saraapril you so should be a beta tester

Loco said...

I think that game will be in dance lounge.It's that red turned off game machine.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

I think the game is going to be an arcade game because the frame and the game's opening screen similar to the game Bits & Bolts.

Anonymous said...

Hi saraapril and rest of Club Penguin penguins! I have done some research and contacted CP but they said that you HAVE to be18 and work for Club Penguin to be part of their beta testing. Sorry. So pretty much none of us can be a beta tester. Unless your 18 and have the job skills to work for Club Penguin. Oh and if you live near their office in Canada.

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

But Happy77 said that we will get more information soon.

Je45rry said...

saraapril, in one of the comments of youtube happy77 says that we will be able to be beta testers!

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