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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

I like to work here Planting Trees in the Forest :) LOOK! Someone sending me a Message :)

April 11, 2011


I've translated part of a crab message! It said, "Keep cutting fishing lines. Keep tapping on glass. Keep taking Puffle'Os." Weird, huh?

…Thanks to EPF Agent Adamwb for telling me about this New Message :) This Message is interesting indeed! Let’s Investigate…”cutting fishing lines” Hmmm…that has happened to me in the Ice Fishing Game


…and down here in the Underground Pool cave Crabs are tapping on the glass…They HAVE broken this Glass before in 2007…

…and in the Puffle Launch Game Crabs are taking Puffle'Os…

Crab take Puffle'O in Puffle Launch Game!

…I think all of this is connected to Herbert’s Plan for the Earth Day Party! More info in Field-Ops 39 CHEATS! 

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Dot!


1w34e said...

Hi Saraapril. That's A Very Weird Spy Phone Message From Rookie.
I'm Suprise He Would Send That.
From Your Friend 1w34e.

Spongkayjen said...


Were it said cutting lines!

You know that crab in gone fishing that cuts your lines? That could be the crab that rookies talking about!!


Klutzy said...

Click clickity click click clickity click click!

Chestercat62 /A N G E L 5 said...

You made a spelling error in the post. You said Underground Poll instead of Underground Pool.

-Your fan,

P.S. My other Club Penguin account is A N G E L 5.

Saraapril said...

Thanks Chestercat62 :) Typo Fixed :)

Anonymous said...


You made a mistake. You said March 11 2011. Shouldn't it be April 11 2011?

Alex Yally

Saraapril said...

Oops! LOL :) Thanks Alex Yally Mistake Fixed :)

Dragonben10 ♥ said...

Maybe herbert might be controling ALL crabs on CP to take over

Anonymous said...

Thanks agent Saraapril for the credit!


locomonkey77 said...

I think it has to do with something evil the crabs are planning.

I mean all the things their doing are connected to BAD things. How would breaking the glass again help the environment? Cutting your lines and letting them float out into the open for little fishies to choke on? Taking puffle-Os away from poor little puffles? This means bad buisness.

Anonymous said...

Spongkayjen you made a typo you put "were" not "where" your welcome for telling you


ashspire said...

Huh... the little crab ship he is riding in looks like a modified aqua grabber...

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