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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Treasure Book Series 13 CHEATS :)

The Treasure Book Series 13 where you can unlock the Codes you get with the Disney Club Penguin Toy you bought is here :) How to Unlock Club Penguin items Online :)

…The Treasure Book This is a Special book, unlike any you’ll find in Club Penguin. Inside these pages you will unlock an extraordinary collections of exclusive items and long – time Favorites :) Faery Wig Hair, Faery Wings and Faery Costume :)

…Blue Dragon Costume and Squire Outfit :)

…If you mouse over this page you will find Hidden Secret Items :) Amethyst Hat and Amethyst Dress :)

…Park Ranger Hat, Hiking Backpack, Beige Explorer Outfit, Hiking Boots, Fishing Hat, Black Glasses, Fishing Vest, Fishing Rod and Messenger Bag :)

…Blue Top Hat, Blue Tuxedo, White Dress Shoes, Cumberband Hat, Classy T-Shirt, Red Untied Sneakers, The Movie Star Hair and Seafoam Dress :)

Exclusives: The Scenester Hair, Dapper Sweater Vest, Zoot Shoes, The Brilliant Hair, Chic Sweater Vest and Blue Buckle Shoes :)

The Super Exclusives: Are the same as Earlier The Glimmer Hair, Blue Sky Dress, Cloudy Umbrella and Beta Hat T-Shirt :) You can see Pictures here :) Unlocking Super Exclusives :)

…Blue Puffle, Green Puffle, White Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle and Purple Puffle :)

…500 coins :)

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Winthrope said...

wat happened to da brown puffle?

Cutegirl1735 said...

sara did you notice that they did not have the Penguin Play Awards this March?

Johnman65 said...

What about the Brown puffle? CP is not adding the Brown puffle?

Logan said...

I got the suit and the red untied sneakers. :D

Dylan97543 said...

Awwww come on, the Penguin Play Awards was my favorite party, and now Cp isn't doing it. Cp is getting worse than ever.

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