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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Club Penguin Times 293 and Secret Message from Herbert!

Purple Dragons Sighted! Get Ready to Rock Out!

Purple Dragons Sighted!

A photographer claims mysterious purple lizards are on the lose. Rumors about purple dragons are ablaze around the island. “They’re real!” claimed a photographer. “Look, I snapped a photo of one! Well, you can’t see its face, and the photo is black and white…”

“…but the myth is real!” insisted the photographer. “The photo proves it!” A good friend of the photographer weighed in:

“Of course purple dragons are real,” he reported. “You can pick up the costume from the Medieval Catalog right now! I tried telling my friend, but he didn’t seem to be listening.”

“Hopefully he checks it out soon. Purple dragon costumes are only available in the Gift Shop until the Medieval Party ends May 29!” Medieval Catalog Update CHEATS and BUG :)

Get ready to rock out!

Music Jam looks will be out June 3 in the Penguin Style catalog. Clothing designers are busy sewing some rocking new outfits for Music Jam. Cadence, the island’s resident dance expert, has been helping with the new styles.

“First things first—you gotta move,” she said. ”Then you gotta stand out.”

“Trust me, there’ll be no missing these looks on stage.”

Designers are working on off-stage outfits too. “We’ve got lots of trendy scarves and hats,” Cadence reports.

“Plus some rockin’ t-shirts! So get ready to amp up your look when the Music Jam catalog hits the Gift Shop on June 3.”

Upcoming Events :)

Until May 29 Medieval Catalog Update New items are revealed!

Starting May 31 Snow and Sports Catalog Show your team colors with new jerseys.

Starting June 3 Penguin Style Get new instruments and Music Jam gear in the Gift Shop!

Tour Guides check your mailbox for pay checks on June !.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 2.
Next pin hidden: June 3 – June 16 Brazier Pin CHEAT :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

When it comes to experiments, it’s always ‘safety first’ for the brown Puffle.

Dear Aunt Arctic,Why does the brown puffle like to wear safety goggles?–Rhea Searcher

Dear Rhea Searcher,
This is an excellent question. You may have noticed that brown puffles love to work on new inventions. Testing those inventions can be tricky—that’s why brown puffles wear special goggles! Safety is very important to our inventive pets. I’m sure the more accident-prone penguins around the island would agree with our clever pets—safety first! Isn’t it wonderful that brown puffles can create such fantastic things? And how reassuring to know that they are so well protected!

Secrets Classified EPF Classes :)

Did you know there are four types of EPF classes?

Tactical agents are all about the action.

Tech agents are brilliant computer wizards.

Comm agents are natural born leaders.

Stealth agents are masters of disguise.

Agents earn a medal for every successful Field-Op. Medals can then be traded for EPF class gear in the Spy Phone.

SECRET MESSAGE FROM HERBERT!!! Hold your cursor over the word Stealth…wait and…

Greetings Extremely Pointless Fowl… Prepare for a menace of medieval magnitude! First the EPF—then the island!

Signed–H.P.B. & K.T.C. (Herbert Polar Bear and Klutzy the Crab)

Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and LINKS Collection :)

See Earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 292 :)

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Can you give me a hint on where the message is? I can't seem to find it! Thanks!

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