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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 290 :)

Prepare Ye Kingdom to Party! Forsooth! Fine Fashions!

Prepare Ye Kingdom to Party!

Construction on ye new medieval kingdom begins May 13.

“Medieval merriment is on its way,” said a planner. “We’ve got some magic up our sleeves, but to pull this off, we’ll  need help from the entire kingdom. We’re working on quests, puzzles and some scaly surprises...”

With the success of last year’s Medieval Party, planners are once again calling on every knight and princess in the land.

“Whether your skills lie in decorating or dragon taming, we bid you to help!” she said.

“We want to transform the whole island. From the tip top of the Ski Hill to the deep depths of the Hidden Lake!”

With everyone’s cooperation, party planners hope to begin construction of the kingdom on May 13.

Forsooth! Fine Fashions!

Hear ye, hear ye! New medieval costumes are out at the Gift Shop.

Medieval fashions have been revealed at the Gift Shop! Princess hats, golden chains and royal robes can all be found in this month’s Penguin Style catalog.

Costume designers worked closely with Gary the Gadget Guy to create authentic medieval looks.

Although he won’t be attending the party, Gary reports he is pleased with the way the costumes turned out…

“Not only is the armor flame-resistant,” Gary said, it’s also effective cover from hydra, cerberus, basilisks—that sort of thing...”

Designers also added many fine details: Our robes are made of the softest fabrics,”  said one dressmaker. “Only the finest silk was used. As for the hats—the more beads, the better!”

Gather all the new, noble looks by setting out to ye olde Gift Shop now! Medieval Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Upcoming Events :)

Merry medieval music starting in your igloo May 13.

Out Now! Medieval Penguin Style Gather ye new costumes!

Starting May 13 Better Igloos Decorate your castle with royal flags.

Starting May 20 Underwater Adventure Get ready to dive deep at the Stage.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 19.
Next pin hidden: May 20-June 2 Medieval Shield PIN CHEAT :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

The crab in Puffle Launch is one cranky crustacean!

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I beat the crab in Puffle Launch? – Kris A. Shawn

Dear Kris A. Shawn,This is an excellent question! To get you some answers, I spoke with a Puffle Launch expert:

“I’m with you, that crab is super tough— and cranky too! No matter which world my puffle is blasting through, the crab always shows up to cause trouble. Really the only way to beat the crab is to stay cool—and look for ways to surprise it.

In the Box Dimension, you can use the floating plants to your advantage.

Just keep bouncing off the plants until a space opens up. Then launch through the open spaces to crash into the crab!”

So there you have it. Stay persistent and perhaps you’ll get a chance to teach that crab a lesson.

Secrets Classified Puffle Round-Up :)

To save time in Puffle Round-Up, circle your cursor around the stray puffles—this will gather them together. Now move the herd above the pen, and use your cursor to slowly push the whole group inside. Voila! You’ve earned some coins and made a lot of puffles very happy!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 289 :)


Grovle 2 said...

YAY mideval party!! P.S saraapril can you meet me on clubpenguin? Ill be on ice pond at 5:30 wearing my dragon costume of course. See you there!

Ice Cool 7 said...

rookie background is gone from inventory!!

Anonymous said...

new member ship update


iPaintballs said...

Hey Saraapril my newspaper is still on last weeks one.
Can you help?

Saraapril said...

Hi Tricia :) Have you tried to clear your Cache?

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