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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 292 :)

The Quest Hath Begun! Medieval Party 2011 :)

The Quest Hath Begun!

Brave knights and princesses are needed for a heroic journey. Three epic adventures now await members in the Underground Pool. Gary has advised that only the bravest questers should venture into the third tunnel. He left behind this note...

Greetings questers, Hear ye this warning: Only the bravest knights and princesses should begin the new journey. All others beware, this quest is fraught with peril—that means it’s very, very dangerous! Questers will encounter puzzles, challenges and three times the fire power. Prepare for a trifold of terrifying trouble! That means get ready for battle!” All mysteries will be revealed on the third quest. Head to the Underground Pool...if you dare...

Medieval Party Highlights :)

Roll over the pictures to see some of the Medieval Party spots you won’t want to miss.

1. Knight’s Quest At the Underground Pool, members can master the maze, light the orbs and unlock the secrets of the labyrinth.

2. Knight’s Quest 2 At the Underground Pool, ye exploration continues for members! Solve the puzzles and find the great secrets that ROAR inside these caves...

3. Knight’s Quest 3 At the Underground Pool, members must heed helpful paintings to triumph over a three-part surprise.

4. Tree Forts Brave squires and princesses are needed to help guard the Forest! Defend the Forts!

5. Princess’s Lodge Castle Invite ye friends for a grand tea party, or dress in ye finest robes for a royal ball!

Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting May 27 Medieval Catalog Update Forsooth! Mystery items will be revealed!

June 1 Pay Day Tour Guides, check your mailboxes!

Starting June 3 Penguin Style Prepare for Music Jam with rockin’ new trends at the Gift Shop.

The Snow and Sports Catalog out May 31 at the Stadium.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 2. Next pin hidden: June 3 – June 16

News Flash :)

Dive into Underwater Adventure—playing now at the Stage! Make friends with mermaids and lobsters while you explore the lost city of Penglantis.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,Are there dragons on the island?–Sir Pent

Dear Sir Pent, Dragon sightings always seem to double around this time of year. No one knows for certain if dragons exist, but there’s no shortage of rumors: Brave knights returning from quests say they’ve come face to face with a fire-breathing beast. Others have been whispering about a scaly serpent hiding deep underground. I’ve even heard rumors of a sea dragon on set at the Underwater Adventure! With so much dragon talk, I’d advise you to keep your eyes open—and carry a shield, just in case...

Mancala can be great fun once you get the hang of it.

Dear Aunt Arctic,I don’t understand Mancala. Can you tell me how to play?–Mitch Point

Dear Mitch Point,This is an excellent question! Mancala is a very fun game indeed, and I’d be happy to help you get started. First head to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop, and ask a friend to join you at an empty table. When it’s your turn, mouse over a hole to find out the number of stones in it. Once you click a group of stones, each stone will be placed into a hole around the board. Do your best to plan ahead—if the last stone lands in your mancala (the large pocket), you’ll receive a free turn. The game ends when there are no stones left on the board. The player with the most stones in his or her mancala is the winner! Like most games, the key to winning is practice. If all else fails, just click stones on your turn, and hope for the best!

Secrets Classified Hidden Emotes :)

Sometimes making different faces says more than words ever could. That’s why many penguins like emotes so much.

If you enjoy these excellent expressions, you may want to try a few hidden ones. Press E on your keyboard, then another letter to display an emote—many of which you won’t find in your emotes list. Give it a try!

See Earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 291 :)


amestecatii said...

Quest 3 work in spaniol servers !!!!

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Look in Happy77's Medieval Party Video, see it says "Medieval Party May 20-28", but on the Banner it says "May 20-29"

Snowy7700 said...

Saraapril! I have an important question! Do you think the Adventure Party will be skipped this year? The Adventure Party has always been in June, but now the Music Jam is coming! Or is Club Penguin going to make a new party?

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