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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FREE Wizard Hat at Medieval Lighthouse :)

As Always during Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party ALL Penguins can pick up a FREE Wizard Hat item inside the Lighthouse :)

…You have found a Undefined Would you like to pick it up? If you mean the Purple Wizard Hat the answer is Yes :)

…Sadly ONLY Members can pick up this item right now… This MUST be a BUG!

UPDATE: The Bug is Fixed :) ALL Penguins can pick up the Wizard Hat :) But The Undefined Bug is still there…Thanks Littletias for letting me borrow your Penguin for this Animation :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)


Anonymous said...

In Ye Knight's Quest 2 there is a new white cardboard horse

baimezan said...

Saraapril!This item is not free!Everytime I try to get it,it writes me:
Oops!You need to purchase a membership to buy type.We would love to have you join.Click the button below to see more about membership

Aze4 said...

Saraapril can you tell me waht server you are on please?

tania1999 said...

when i try to get the FREE hat it says that i have to buy membership to get it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril! I have a cheat or bug, or whatever it's called. I am am non-member, and when i try to get the wizard hat, it say you have to be a member. Help! I am Violet32600!! :) You c an post this but give me credit please!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril,
I have discovered a very troublesome bug on my way to collecting the wizard hat.When it said would you like to receive undefined I said yes and then it gave my a tab that only members were aloud it and the I was caught in a forever loading screen.
Kind Regards,Drdisney

Awesomeness9835 said...

every time i go into the lighthouse, it just brings me to a white page. And yeah.. i cant do anything. And every time i do quest 3 its loads saying "party19" what does that mean?

Y27s said...

Wow! Finally, a new wizard hat! It has been there for 5 years! Good thing they changed color!

Anonymous said...

Saraapril! I realized something strange!!! I kept experiencing strange bugs on the English servers, so I tried the Spanish servers and they work perfectly! I understand Spanish and all the names are correct and the music is also correct too! This shows that Club Penguin hasn't synced their servers! It's sad that they can't manage to keep all servers equal!!! :(

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