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Monday, May 30, 2011

FUN and BUGS with Friends :) Medieval Party 2011 :)

Today I will post some more FUN with Friends Pictures :) In Town I met Calsifer and Hoppi 12 :)

Sled Race Time :)

…Spongebob524 just finished the Field-Op 45 :) CONGRATS :)

…like me Spongebob524 is sad over all the Fighting in EPF!

…it would be so much better if we could find a way to become Friends with Herbert and TOGETHER reprogram Protobot!

…Herbert is a very smart and clever inventor and if he used his creativity for good instead he, Uncle Gary and the Brown Puffles could invent amazing Things :) We would LOVE to help out with these inventions too :) Bye for now Friend see you soon again :)

…Here I was working in Server Zipline to Help EPF Agents find the spot to stand on to start the Field-Op 45 :) That crab must wonder what we are up to…Penguins Waddles around in the underground…LOL :)

…Rassbert and I are so EXCITED about the Medieval Party and we can hardly WAIT for it to Start! Here we are Dancing and Practicing our Jester Skills by telling Medieval Jokes…LOL :) Medieval Party Preparations 2011 :)

…HURRAY!!! The Medieval Party 2011 is HERE! HAPPY RUNNING TOGETHER with Sk8tergrl483 :)

…Jedi4847 and Jays Igloo and I exploring the Marshland TOGETHER :)

…The Blacksmith Workshop is AWESOME FUN :) Blacksmith Workshop ANIMATED :)

…CONGRATS Jedi4847 you WON over the Hydra Dragons and became a White Knight :) Ye Knight’s Quest 3 CHEATS :)

…In the Knight’s Quest 2 I met Cutie83903, Purple Puffle and Williamb44 :) Sadly it’s really hard to Play Club Penguin right now as we keep getting tons of Connection BUGS!

…This is how Cutie83903’s Stamp Book is Decorated :)

…and Williamb44’s Looks like this :)

…Here we are visiting Williamb44’s Igloo :) TOGETHER we found some Bugs and locked them in the Cellar…LOL :)

…Sled race :) WOHOO!

…CONGRATS! Let’s Celebrate with a Yummy Pizza :)

…Sadly the Connection Bug made me lose my Friends BUT I met Mustry2fly at the Plaza :)

…We LOVE to eat Pizza and Talk at the same time…LOL :)

…Let’s go on a Quest :)

…This will be FUN :) Let’s start with Ye Knight’s Quest 1:)

…just one more orb to light :)

…Team work makes this Quest easier and more FUN :)

…Look! I got a Spy Phone Message from Dot! Sorry Friends I must Blog about right now…Back :) Thanks for waiting for me :)

…Great Cutie83903 then we will Follow You :)

…Williamb44 got the White Screen Bug in here and needed to use the Map to leave this room…

…Happy Dancing while waiting for Friend to come back :) Sadly Williamb44 keep getting the White Screen Bug so we had to continue the Quest without Williamb44…

…We will do our Best :)

…Where is Cutie83903? NOOO!!!! I’m ALONE in here! This is SCARY!

…A Clue GREAT! And Bellagriffin is here too! I’m so HAPPY that I’m not alone anymore :) Let’s read this sign now…

…HURRAY! I found the way to Sensei’s Serene Cave :) Klutzy’s Secret - My Stories and Adventures :)

…Hi Friends I’m so HAPPY that I found you again :) I’m so sorry Williamb44 that the Bug made you MISS the FUN!

…Time for Knight’s Quest 2 :) WE DID IT! Let’s cross the lava river and…

…OH NO! The White Screen BUG!


…Sadly we got stuck and had to Skip this Quest!

Knight’s Quest 3 :) Sadly I still have the Medieval Postcard Bug…but I can send you another Club Penguin Postcard…

…Let’s Solve this Medieval Challenge :)

…Now we know all we need to know about how to defeat the Hydra Dragon…are we…gulp…Brave? Yes TOGETHER I think we are :)


…I got captured! Please SAVE ME!!!

…My Brave Friends Rescued me :) Thank-You so Much! You ALL are HEROES :)

…Suddenly I got the Black Screen BUG!!! And then I keep getting connection BUGS and…

…it took a while before I could login and then it took time before I could find my Friends again…

…I LOVE the Blacksmith’s Workshop :)

…ALL of us had the same Computer runs slow problem in this Room…

…Thanks for all the FUN Friends :) See you another day in Club Penguin :) Hopefully they have fixed the Bugs then…

…at the Beach I met my Friend Greensil :)

…TOGETHER we went on Ye Knight’s Quest 3 :)

…The Hydra Pictures are SCARY BUT in the same time as an Artwork they are Pretty too :)

…Let’s work TOGETHER to Save EVERYONE form the Hydra!

…Sadly I kept getting connection Bugs again and again and again…

…In the Medieval Town I Waddled onto Coolcatpower :)

…First we went to the Knight Club and Danced and Talked and then we went upstairs to rest our flippers and to eat Pizza :)

…Looking out on our Snowy Kingdom :)

…There's no Jesters here to Entertain us right now and I don’t have any Medieval Jokes due to a Bug…BUT we can make up our own Jokes :)

…I Started to make the Medieval Tour Guide BUT I still don’t have the Medieval Tour Messages so I will try later…Hi Xsaeqax :) Sorry my Buddy List is Full BUT I can send a Postcard and then we are Friends :)

…I like Xsaeqax‘s Puffle Decorated Stamp Book :)

…Later on I met lots of Dancing and FUN Purple Wizard Penguins :) I tried to join them BUT I got the Connection Bugs again and again and when I FINALLY could waddle around again they were gone so I MISSED THE FUN!

…Time to try to make a Guided Medieval Tour again…Hi Gammer6 :) Look! on Gammer6’s Player Card you can see an Orange Hoodie BUT on Gammer6’s Penguin you CAN’T…BUG!

…Thanks for helping me making this Tour Gammer6 :)

…NOOO!!! I got connection Bug and couldn't login again…Sorry Gammer6 I hope I meet you again in Club Penguin one day…

…Cena12121 has TONS of Bug Problems just like me!

…Sadly these Bugs and Glitches RUIN the Medieval Party 2011!

…This is NOT FUN AT ALL!

…Let’s try to have FUN anyway…HAPPY RUNNING with Friend and BUG…LOL :)

…The Updated Medieval catalog is HERE and in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper we can read that we need to hurry to get the Purple Dragon Costume here at The Gift Shop as it only will be available for a short period of time! BUT the truth is that we CAN’T! Medieval Catalog BUG Update!

…Eventually I had to give up the Hope to make the Medieval Tour Guide with Medieval messages and TOGETHER with Divioni I did the Best I could during the Disney Club Penguin Bug situation! Medieval Party 2011 Tour Guide!

…I tried to meet Rrooggelio in Town but I keep getting the Frozen Screen Bug again and again…Sadly we couldn't play TOGETHER at ALL!

…Don’t Fear Pretty Princess Pomi12472 I will save you :)

…Thanks to Everyone I played TOGETHER with and TRIED to Play TOGETHER with during this most Bug Filled Medieval Party EVER! I had planned to have a BIG Medieval Party so that ALL that wanted could come and Play BUT due to all the Bugs I decided to cancel it! Hopefully Club Penguin can fix all these Problems soon so that Next Party can be Bug Free and FUN :)

Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 BUGS and Glitches!

Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and LINKS Collection :)


Anonymous said...

Woah! Long post! Filled up the page! Awesome post, Saraapril!

Feey1 said...

You met Cena?

Bfssa said...

i love the the you post personal stuff that happens to you on clubpenguin not just a blog about "STUFF"

Dinsey175 said...

Yeah, right, long post! It did fill up the whole page!

Anonymous said...

aww i wish there was no bugs so the mediviel party you were planning could be. at least you will have another party in june

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril, I got the bugs too. Whenever i change my clothes or colour i get the white screen bug! It happens alot. I have to talk while i change so i can stay. i'm VERY mad! I hope club penguin fixes these bugs. The medieval party was ok. But not as fun as last years because this 1 had alot of bugs.


Hayden22102 said...

Hey Sarrapril,What servers will you be on most?

John said...

Hiya Saraapril,
I'm so mad! Almost everytime I log in I get that stupid white screen bug sooner or later and I'm starting to get this bug that I have to click the button (Let's say the playercard) almost five times before I comes up then I normally get connection loss. :( This is soooo not cool!!

~ A very angry Amy3325

Gammer6 said...

Can we meet again sometime?

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