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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Medieval Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

Sadly the Medieval Party 2011 is very Bug infested BUT Don’t fear the Medieval Tour Guide is HERE :) Due to one of the Bugs I couldn't get the Medieval Tour Guide messages so just ignore what I say on the Pictures (or read it for FUN :) Let’s start the Guided Tour :) Welcome Dvivoni and everyone that read this Post :) Behold! A dragon in the Mine! Princesses, kings and queens, fear not! 'Tis nothing to be scared of. Brave knights should play Puffle Rescue and save missing puffles!  Look my Dragon Mum is here use the Switchbox 3000 for Animated Effects :) Will Dragon Mum be Here?

…Welcome ye to the Smithy. It gives heat and power to Club Penguin. Here you can read old editions of the newspaper. Or take a quest in the Cave :) Use the Pin Maker 3000 to make a Brazier Pin :)

…Welcome hither to the Town Center! Here ye can relax at Ye Olden Coffee Shop dance at the Knight Club or buy gowns from the Gift Shop :)

…Welcome to Ye Olden Coffee Shop. Rest your royal flippers here! Behold the bag of beans in the corner there be the game Bean Counters :)


…Welcome to Ye Olden Library. You can read books from the bookshelf here. You can also play Mancala. A game enjoyed by many royal penguins! Click on the Goose Feather Pen to write :)

…This is the main floor of the Knight Club. A great place for a royal ball. Here, thou can play DJ3K and sign up for a Dance Contest Music bugs can be found here and there around the Island Sadly we don’t have any medieval Music to Dance to in here…

…but up here we do :) Welcome ye to the Knight Club Lounge. Here, Kings and Queens reign, jesters jest and knights plan their next adventure!

…Thou art in the Gift Shop. Ye can buy gowns and armor from the monthly catalog. Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well. Spend thy coins wisely. Purple Dragon Costume Bug is Fixed :) Mouse over the Harp for sound effects and click on the Puffle sign at the side of the Stage for a Pufflestic Fire Surprise :)

…Here we be at the Dock. Yonder be traveling blacksmiths. Thou can also play Hydro-Hopper here. Take a ride on a tube behind ye olde speedboat :)

…This is the Beach, home of the Wizard's Lighthouse. Yonder there are beautiful gemstones! And inside, magic awaits ye!

…This be the Wizard's Lighthouse. A place where magical things happen! Remember to Pick up the FREE Purple Wizard Hat :)

…Welcome ye to the Beacon! Help keep it alight by adding logs to the fire. If thou art feeling brave try the Wizard's flying machine!

…This is Ye Olden Ski Village. To the right is the Princess's Lodge Castle. To the left, the Ski Mountain Fortress!

…Welcome to the Princess's Lodge Castle! It is a great place for a royal ball or a tea party! Thou can play Find Four with friends or go Ice Fishing out the back door :) Click on the Butterfly to make it move :)

…This is the Princess's Lodge Attic. Here ye can feed leaping fish or play Find Four with thy royal friends :)

…Welcome to the Ski Mountain Fortress! Ask the magic mirror what ye seeketh. This be the place for knights to sled. The easiest course is Bunny Hill. The hardest be Ridge Run :)

…Here we are at ye royal Stadium where many tournaments are played. Gather thy buddies and start a game! I like how the Target move when you hit it with a Snowball :)

…Ye Olde Snow Forts are fun for snowball fights. Click the snowball icon to throw one. Yonder is the Club Penguin clock. It showeth the time in the Club Penguin Time Zone :) Mouse over the Snow Throwing Machines…LOL :)

…Welcome to the Plaza! Here, ye can feast in the Pizza Parlor watch a performance at the Stage or adopt a puffle at yonder Pet Shop.

…The Pet Shop is where thou can adopt a puffle. Puffles are animals native to Club Penguin. They have different colors and personalities. They make great pets for knights or princesses! It would have been nice if Club Penguin decorated this Room… and What was the Question? Is this a Bug? The Answer is YES! CONGRATS you have just experienced ANOTHER Club Penguin BUG! Read More here Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

…Let’s continue the Medieval Tour at the Pizza Parlor and here…NOOOO!!!!!! I got the White Screen Bug AGAIN!!! Connection Bugs in Club Penguin!

…Behold the Forest! Climb yonder ladder to visit the Tree Forts! Throw a snowball at the Target and it will shake a little…

…Welcome travelers to Ye Olde Treetop Fort! Some puffles have already found their way up. Let's follow them! Mouse over the Tree and different Puffles will come out :) But…LOOK what the Tour Guide message say in the Picture…Norman Swarm! Really Disney Club Penguin How did THAT Happen? Sigh…Waddle on…

…Here at the Cove Club Penguin didn't add a Medieval Tour Message…

…This be ye olde Mine Shack. Venture into the cave...if ye dare!

…Welcome to ye olde blacksmith! Throw ye used armor into the machine to make it shiny and new! Blacksmith Workshop ANIMATED :)

…Ye be now in the Cave. Here, ye find the start of many quests Ye Knight's Quest the path to a dragon's lair! And a new maze and battle. Only the bravest should enter! Please keep off the treasure!Click on the Instructions on the Cave wall…

…Knight’s Quests Instructions Hail Brave Adventures: Read the Signs,  Solve the Puzzles and Collect the Treasure :) During these 3 Quests for Members you can earn Stamps too :)

…Due to the Tour Guide Bug I can’t say anything in the Quest Rooms BUT you can read all the Messages here Knight’s Quest 1: Welcome questers! Thy challenge room awaits. Light the orbs to unlock yonder door!

Hither be the second challenge room! Hit the targets to further thy quest!

Hear ye, hear ye! Ye be in the maze. They say it goes on forever! If ye be lost, then follow the clues or ask for help

Ye be lost brave knight! Follow thy clues carefully and ye shall find thy way!

Are ye lost? Try going another way and use the clues to help thee.

Ye be going the wrong way! Verily try ye a different route!

Quester, thou art on ye way! Continue merrily down ye path.

Quester, use the clues! The pictures will show the way. Here's a clue. when you see a crab, turn to thy right!

Ye route is fair and true. Thou art on the right path!

Ye be going the right way! Continue on ye way!

Thou art very close indeed! The end of the maze is neareth!

Congratulations brave Quester! Ye hath foundeth the end of the maze Behold ye great treasure!

Knight’s Quest 2: Ye be now beneath the Volcano. Here, ye find the start of a new Knight's Quest. To continue, put out the torches and discover the hidden path!

Ye must be clever to continue your quest! Solve the puzzle to unlock the door.

Beware the dragon! The path ahead leads to certain trouble! Beware! Beware! It's not too late to turn back!

Gadzooks! A great robotic dragon! We must defeat it. Use the water cannon! Throw snowballs! Work together and be brave!

Behold the dragon's treasure! Let us capture the dragon's treasure and celebrate our great victory!

Knight’s Quest 3: 'Tis a chamber of gems and chalices. Let us solve this fine puzzle.

This place of puzzles is thy challenge! Ye must get to the cliff. Push these bridge buttons in order and find thine way across.

Hark! This Hall of Hints show a great battle to come. What lies beyond, brave penguin? Go forth and seek the challenge!

Hither! Shall we walk across this bridge? AAAAAAAAH!

All Kings and Queens! Rejoice! Your bravery is rewarded in this Royal Court! This armor is thine reward!

…Up here at the Dojo Courtyard you will find a PIN BUG! Sadly there are TONS of Bugs during this Party Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 BUGS and Glitches!

…Let’s see if we can see the Pizza Parlor now…Nope! I have cleared my Cache TONS of times BUT…I STILL get all the BUGS!

UPDATE: This time it worked :) This is the Pizza Parlor. Gather around the round table yonder and order the best pizza a knight can eat. If ye waddle into the kitchen ye can make pizzas with the Pizzatron :) Mouse over the Harp for sound effects :)

…Thanks for taking the Medieval Tour and now I just have a detail to show you :) If you are in a Hurry to go and make a Quest just click on any of the Knights Needed Signs that you will find in different locations around the Island :) Knights Needed and Princesses too :) The Kingdom of Club Penguin needs Adventure Seekers. Head to the Underground to begin thee Quests Click on Go There :)

…and again due to the Bugs I can’t say the Medieval Safe Messages or Jokes but while I’m sitting here drinking Medieval Tea TOGETHER with Spi4e, Rose9985 and the PINK Puffle you can read them…

Safe Messages :)
Let ye celebrations begin!
Hark! We'll be jesters!
Where be the treasure?
Hark! Follow me for treasure!
Have ye heard where dragons are?
Medieval Party at my castle!
Quest for treasure!
Everyone turn to dragons!
Hark! Let's all be knights
Knights vs dragons!
Hear ye! Hear ye! To the Tree Fort!
Head to yonder Pool to quest!

Jokes :)
What does Sir Lancelot use to see in the dark? His knight-light!
What do you call a knight who's afraid to joust? Sir Render!
What time is it when a knight looks at his belly button? The middle of the knight!
Why was the queen's room flooded? Because she 'reigned' for many years!
Why do dragons sleep during the day? So they can fight knights!
What do you do with a blue dragon? Try to cheer her up!
How can you tell if there's a dragon in your closet? Because the door won't close!
What's big and scary...and wears sunglasses? A dragon on holiday!

For MORE Secrets look at this: Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and LINKS Collection Post :)


Colorbird10 said...

Saraapril I found a bug! The pizza parlor still has the little banners with colors from last year! This needs to be red, yellow, and Blue, not orange, green, and purple! Please give credit!

Helene352 said...

Saraapril, Club Penguin keeps freezing after I am online for only a couple of minutes.Is this happening to everyone?

Piglet254 said...

@Helene352, I have the same problem!! -Piglet254 XP

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