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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Medieval Party BUGS 2011!

The Medieval party 2011 is here in Club Penguin and it took me 2 seconds to find the First Bug! Click on the Knights Needed Sign and…

…you will get the Earth Day Party Endangered Animals Sign!

…When I entered the Knight’s Quest 3 I got stuck in a Forever loading BUG! So I had to Log off…

…Then I couldn't Login again…

REALLY Club Penguin? This is NOT FUN!!! I’m 100% sure that MORE Bugs will be found and added here soon…I was right MORE BUGS! When I FINALLY could login to Club Penguin again I tried to read the Instructions for the Knight’s Quest BUT It never opened the screen just got a little darker AND I was STUCK and had to Logout AGAIN!

…AND I got the Undefined Message on Several Items and Pin! FREE Wizard Hat and Newest Medieval Pin and Medieval Igloo Catalog and FREE Horse item in Knight’s Quest 2 and Bugs in the Underwater Adventure Play! I needed more coins so I waddled to the Mine Cart Game…Would you like to go Cart Surfing? I clicked on Yes BUT…

…I just stayed in the Mine!

…I kept trying and then I got this Message! Please Exit before leaving the room…WHAT!?! I clicked on X and THEN the Game Started!

…In lots of the Party Rooms the name are wrong when they load…One Example is the Tree House it says Loading Stage and Joining Desert Dimension Thanks Joeduderocks for telling me about this :) For MORE Loading bugs look in the Comments on this Post!

…The medieval Music is Missing or Messed up all over Club Penguin right now! Look at comments for more details!

...The Shield Pin should has been removed when the New Pins arrived BUT it’s still HERE! Thanks Rico1206 for telling me about this Bug :)

…I almost forgot to write that I can’t Play Club Penguin in IE9 right now! I get the Home Page but when I click on Play Now! I just get a Empty White page!

…Only Members can pick up the Free Wizard Hat Non Members get this Message Oops! You need to purchase a membership to buy type. We would love to have you join. Click the button below to see more about membership…I clicked on Okay BUT…

…got Stuck in a Forever Loading Bug and had to Log off AGAIN! :)

…Not correct Text when you mouse over the Quality Buttons in Knight’s Quest 3…

Quality Buttons in Knight's Quest 3

…When I throw Snowballs at the Red Dragon I keep get send back to the previous room and I lose my Progress with ALL Hydra Dragons and must start over!

…When a Non Member tries to enter the Knight’s Quest’s nothing happens at Quest 3 and 2 BUT at Knight’s Quest 1 Littletias Penguin got this Animated Membership Ad Sign…

Medieval Party 2011 Membership Ad!

…and right we can’t do the BIG Question Mark! (That worked earlier when I started this Post!) Thank Littletias for letting me borrow your Penguin to Test this :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin keep adding more and MORE Bugs! Right you will get this Message if you go to the Community Page: Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at community.clubpenguin. com port 80…Thanks Anonymous for telling me about this Bug :)

…NO Medieval Jokes or Tour Guides are added!

UPDATE: The Community Page is back BUT with an OLD Version!

UPDATE: Read MORE about Bugs in Knight’s Quest 3 and Free Purple Wizard Hat

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

UPDATE: IE9 Working again :)

May 20, 2011

UPDATE: The Music Bugs are Now Fixed :)

UPDATE: The Knights Needed signs in Town, Plaza and Boiler Room are now Fixed :)

UPDATE: The Instruction Sign in the Knight’s Quest Cave is Now Fixed :)

UPDATE: When a Non Member tries to enter any of the Knight’s Quest they get the Buy a Membership Ad!

UPDATE:The Norman Swarm Safe Chat Messages are STILL HERE!

…and Most of the Community Updates Club Penguin did Yesterday and then removed have Not been brought back yet…

UPDATE: Spy Phone Message from Rookie! BUG!

UPDATE: ATTENTION Lane Merrifield aka Billybob!

UPDATE: Many times today I have got the Club Penguin Disconnect BUG! And sometimes the Club Penguin tab got Black and sometimes the game Froze!

May 21, 2011

UPDATE: Connection Bugs in Club Penguin!

UPDATE: Nobel Knight Stamp BUG Medieval Party 2011!

MAY 22, 2011

UPDATE: Keep having Connection, Black Screen and Frozen Screen Bugs and The Red Dragon Bug in Knight’s Quest 3! This makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to Play Club Penguin!

MAY 23, 2011

UPDATE: Medieval Lighthouse Castle :)

MAY 24, 2011

UPDATE: HURRAY! I can Speak Medieval in English :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin’s Brain BUG and More! And ALL the Connections Bugs keep Bugging me!

MAY 25, 2011

UPDATE: Noble Knight Stamp Missing BUG!

UPDATE: Unlock items Online Icon BUG!

UPDATE: NEW Field-Ops 46 CHEATS and BUG!

UPDATE: Stealth BUG! Elite Penguin Force! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 26

UPDATE: Medieval Shield Date BUG Stamp Book!

UPDATE: Medieval Catalog Update CHEATS :) And Bugs!

UPDATE: Dragon Costume BUG Update by Billybob! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 27

UPDATE: Purple Dragon Costume Bug Fixed :) And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 28

UPDATE: Medieval Party 2011 Tour Guide :) Pictures in this Post from May 25, 2011

UPDATE: New Spy Phone Message from Gary! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 29

UPDATE: Due to all the Bugs I didn't played in Club Penguin so much today Sadly I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

May 30

UPDATE: FUN and BUGS with Friends :) Medieval Party 2011 :) 

May 31

I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

NOTE: I ONLY Post about Bugs I can see on my Computer! Sadly many MORE Bugs and Glitches can be around…

More Soon…


roryccool said...

What server are you on?

roryccool said...

Uh... Come on Arctic :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have problems with music? I can't hear music enywhere! And in the 1st and 2nd quest,all doors are open for me (probably because I completed them last year) and when I enter different rooms in quest 1 I it says Loading Stair Dimension or something like that!! :(

Anonymous said...

I can't get the free item "you need be member"

kevin leven5 said...

saraapril! im trying to get the new non member item but it says something about membership!

Mozart 222 said...

on my computer the music from the party doesn't play. Thought Id tell you.

Anonymous said...

The new pins are at the Stage and the Boiler Room

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Harzee said...

Saraapril, for some reason, when I do the Knight's Quest 3 the item isn't there, and neither is the snowball counter thing

lulubeen said...

i got this bug too pleaser tell me when its fixed

Anonymous said...

Sara! There is tons of music bugs! In rooms like the Nightclub,The Coffee Shop,and the Pizza Parlor,there is the music for regular days! BTW, In Knight Quest 1, In The maze, there is a weird music bug from the Festival Of Flight! And when you get to the end of the maze, it has the music Brown Puffle Lab! PLEASE CLUB BUG FIX THIS BUG! -Piglet254

Tania1999 said...

when i go to the tree fort it says:"Loading Desert Dimension"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and theres no party music

Rico1206 said...

Use LittleTias and go get the Purple Wizard Hat. You get an orange pop up letting you know to get a membership to buy it. CP is full of bugs right new quest, newspaper delay, no stamps...errgh. CP is working hard to fix it, I bet!

Also, the pin is still at the Dojo. LOL! You can even get it!

Rico1206 said...

The shield pin is at the Dojo...still.

williamb44 said...


Unknown said...

The party 19 thig is so annoying!!! It takes forever!

Rico1206 said...

Thanks for credit! :)

Anonymous said...

its getiing very annoying for bugs and glitche they drive me CRAZY! i wish clubpenguin didint have any bug oh wellll..... it could be worst by sara your the best!! :)

Marlins1fan1 said...

This is getting annoying!!!!!!!!!
This is making club penguin TERRIBLE!!!! Thanks "Club Bug"!!!!

000red1/john said...

saraapril i was able to play knight3
try mammoth

greensil said...

when i got the cp homepage i clicked play, then i clicked start. then all my saved penguins were gone, there was only the login bit asking you to type your user name and password

Anonymous said...

i told cp about the bug of quest 3

Anonymous said...

oh the end of the quest 1 the it is playing the music of the 1st party in 2011

Dorian1453 said...

All of the glitches are fixed except the shield pin is still at the Dojo Courtyard :) Waddle on! And be sure to clear your cache if you're still experiencing these bugs. :)

Anonymous said...

Now I can't log on CP! JUST like

Anonymous said...

When I go to the treehouses, the background is white!!!

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