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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saraapril’s Medieval Princess Igloo :)

My Puffles and I decided that we wanted to live in a PINK Ice Palace Castle :) And TOGETHER we brainstormed for decoration Ideas :) THANKS for all the GREAT Ideas Puffles! Let’s Start Decorate :)

…Done! Now I need a Pretty Dress and…

…Welcome to our PINK Princess Castle :)

…I LOVE the Crystals we can buy from the Medieval Better Igloos Furniture Catalog but I wish for sparkles on the Crystals just as we have right now at the Beach…Medieval Party 2011 Preparations :)

…and an option to grow Flowers on the Vines :) Now I need to change Dress again to perform my Royal duties…

…This Throne is both Pretty PINK and Comfortable :) You are granted an Audience Puffles :) How can I help you?

…You are HUNGRY and need Food? Okay a true Princess is ALWAYS ready to Help :) Wait you are NOT Hungry? When an Orange Puffle refuse to eat something is SERIOUSLY WRONG! I REALLY Hope Club Penguin can fix all these boring Puffle Bugs we have since they added the New Puffle Features! Pet Shop Tour Guide and Why? Sadly only ONE of my 20 Puffles needs to be taken care of! Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :)

…Now I will go for a Royal waddle in the Forest :) Listen careful now Puffles when you are alone in the Palace remember to NEVER open the Trap door! The legend says that if that door ever opens by anyone but a Gold Knight Princess the Blue Dragon King might get lose…Bye for now :)


See earlier Igloo Saraapril’s Shadowy Keep Igloo :)


Dreammae989 said...

Pretty, I wish I had your talent for Igloo Decloration!


1w34e said...

That's such a cool igloo Saraapril, great decorating!

~ 1w34e : D

Puffguy3 said...

Nice igloo! I bought almost EVERYTHING in the new catalog and it cost me over 10,000 coins! now I only have 41,451! Ok I know... It's alot... I love to play puffle roundup!

Anonymous said...

i luv puffle round up!!! xD
all thought im not rich =P

Giamz said...

Love it. XD I can't decide what I am going to be for the Medieval party yet - I don't want to be to royal but I don't want to be to poor... XD Maybe a Jester? XD Saraapril what are your ideas? XD

Giamz XD

Miki5258 said...


Unknown said...

New EPF message!


Bfssa said...

new epf message from jet pack guy gimmie credit plz

Vali said...


Anonymous said...

nice igloo saraapril you make the best igloos!

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