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Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Secret EPF Update from Billybob!

This is a Message from Billybob:

This message is for secret agents. If you're not an EPF agent yet, ask someone for an invitation to take the Test...

Hello Penguins Agents!

Thanks for helping to keep the island safe during the Medieval Party! It's been great seeing so many of you equipped with all the latest EPF gear.

The team is really excited about the next thing they've been working on for Elite Agents... an epic encounter with a certain polar bear. I'll let you in on a little secret... Herbert is planning an attack on the EPF next week!

As you may have heard, you'll need to work together on this one. Here's a sneak peek:

We can't wait to hear what your thoughts, agents! Let us know what you think Herbert and Klutzy are up to in the comments.

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I’m not sure what they are up too BUT it looks like they are Building something…Detail The Secret Code on the Top Secret Banner says “This is Secret” and Thanks to Feey1 for telling me that Herbert and Klutzy are sitting in the Knight’s Quest 3 Dragons :)

EPF Agent Invitation :)

…Here you can take a Waddle down Memory Lane: EPF HQ Tour Guide and LINKS Collection :) and for MORE look under the label EPF – Elite Penguin Force :)

UPDATE: Herbert is planning something big, and it could be an attack on the EPF! Stay on alert, agents! Thanks Dorian1453 for telling me about this Update :)


Feey1 said...

Saraapril, notice the vehicles their driving? Those are the dragons from the 3rd Knight's Quest!
Please say you got this from me.

Anonymous said...

SARAAPRIL! if you look closely you will see the machines H.P.B And KTC are in are in the shape of the dragons from ye knights quest 3 and there the same colour as the dragons.

Anonymous said...

~Halo 200

Colorbird10 said...

Look carefully, what have you seen lately that's blue and yellow? What have you seen lately that has horns? The dragons from Knights Quest III! All along I knew Herbert was behind these dragons! He was trying to make us burn, freeze, and he wanted to electrify us! Comment if you agree!

- Colorbird10

P.S. Once you read the first few sentences, you get the idea your head.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saraapirl!I wonder if one of the proto-bots are riding the red dragon!Thanks!
your friend,

superstar06 said...

o.0 weird.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Postcard Positions have changed.

Anonymous said...

well now I know Herbert is in the dragon I cant defeat but next week thats gonna be diffrent Im going to defeat Herbert to save cp

James Carrot said...

We defeated Herbert and we just defeated those dragons.So we shurly can defeat them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Saraapril, you wrote Massage at the top instead of message.

Anyway, I'm really excited. I think on the last day of the party, they will jump out of the dragons and attack the EPF!

Saraapril said...

Thanks Anonymous :) Typo Fixed :)

Dorian1453 said...

I notice that they updated the post. It said they will attack next week, but they changed it to this: I'll let you in on a little secret... Herbert is planning something big, and it could be an attack on the EPF! Hmm, I wonder if it will be next week or not?

Dorian1453 said...

I just translated the posts in the other languages, and it says he will attack next week. I'm not sure if they will change it, though. Keep an eye out, agents!

Anonymous said...

I just spotted something a little odd. In the parents' update e-mail we got a while ago,Herbert is riding in a the RED dragon,but in this post,Herbert's in the blue one and Klutzy in the yellow one!

Piglet254 said...

I am on full alert this week to check everyday if the dragons from Knight Quest 3 are still there or not. So far, they are still there! Full alert this week agents! -Piglet254 XP

Anonymous said...

if you look at the whats new for may he is in the red one if you see the picture of him and klutzy they are in the blue and yellow one.what im saying is the attack is in may and thats in a 2 day span. also i think you must defeat him in the nights quest 3 when you defeat him in the red he switches over to the blue.


Nicoliolioly said...

That actually makes sense for them to be the dragons in Knight's Quest 3. You see, on the messages on your EPF phone Herbert said he would attack at a PARTY. Then this article came out and showed a picture. This makes sense also because Klutzy is a small creature that you can easily defeat. (Yellow)
Then blue and red are a little hard. (Herbert)

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