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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Yesterday we got many BUGS and a Detail from Disney Club Penguin! If you try to Activate your Penguins Account when it’s already is Activated you will get this Message with a Typo “Peguin” Oops! BUG! Thanks Coffeetip for telling me this :)

…One of the Curtain to the Dressing Rooms are now moving when we waddles close :) Thanks Cloroxclean for telling me about this :) I like that Club Penguin has added this old feature from the old Snow and Sports Shop :) BUT these days it isn't a secret entry to PSA behind the curtain just the Penguin Style Catalog…Shopping Time :)

…The Igloo Music List Icon doesn't work! Thanks Piglet254 for telling me about this :)

Blue Screen Club Penguin BUG!

New Club Penguin Map and Welcome Items :) And BUGS!

Purple Wizard Hat REPLACED by Welcome to New Penguins Red Cap! BUG!

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

UPDATE: June 30, 2011 The Music List is working again :) Thanks Club Penguin :)


Perie101 said...

I had the same problem, when I made my new account I didn't get the new items so I went on that page again and that happened!

Summeryscene195 said...

I agree with Perie101! when my friend said "what?! wheres the new items??"

Anonymous said...

Seriously Club Penguin! They really need anoter improvment project!

Yugioh103 said...

Dear Saraapril,
I have a bug. Whenever I went on my Map, It loads the old map.

-Your Friend,

Piglet254 said...

Thanks for the credit Sara. Still, waiting 2 days for the new map and updates, nothing has happened wich makes me upset.

haley7249 said...

I can't even go to my igloo because it keeps loading forever and i have to log off. :( - haley7249

AngryPenguin said...

I have had to log off of CP like 50 times because of bugs. SOOO ANNOYING! Maybe instead of firing their employees, they should FIX THEIR BUGS. It's like they are asking us to cancel our memberships and stop playing! Before Disney bought CP, there were RARELY bugs... Oh, the good old days...

Disney175 said...

LOL! Shopping time! What did you buy?
Happy Shopping!

Cloroxclean said...

Your welcome Saraapril. I am glad I could help even if it was a minor update.


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