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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 294 :)

New Music Clothing Out Now!

Rocking styles in the Gift Shop are the perfect fit for pop stars. Music Jam looks are here! The Gift Shop is bursting with colorful instruments and stylish stage outfits. One singer weighed in on the new styles…

“I love this neon hoodie!” said the singer. And I can’t wait to show off the zebra scarf. ”These styles are going to make my performances pop!” ”I’m stocking up on instruments too,” she said. ”The green keytar is my favorite.”Be sure to check out the new instruments and outfits—in the Gift Shop now!

Musicians Wanted!

Rollover for more info or read it here :)
Rock the latest Music Jam styles in the Gift Shop.
Crank up the volume with band practice in your igloo!
Gear up with instruments in the Lighthouse.
Chill out with some campfire songs at the Cove.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Penguin Style New music items are available in the Gift Shop.

Starting June 10 Music Jam Construction Help set up the stages for the Music Jam.

Starting June 10 Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Quest beyond the Stage…

June 10: Get new music items from the Better Igloos catalog.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 16.
Next pin hidden: June 17 – June 29 Red Electric Guitar Pin CHEATS :)

News Flash :)

The Soccer Pitch is back! Hustle over to the Stadium for a friendly game of soccer. Throw on your favorite jersey, and grab some friends to form a team! Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, Why doesn’t my orange puffle play with the trampoline? – Connie Fuzed

Dear Connie Fuzed,
Not to worry! Simply put, orange puffles would rather ride in a wagon than jump on a trampoline. Each puffle species is unique, and each puffle only plays with its own special toy. To see which toy your puffle prefers, click on your pet the next time you’re in your igloo. Then click the ‘ball’ tab, and drag a toy over to your puffle. If your puffle likes the toy, it will jump up and down to let you know! You can also visit the Pet Shop to look through the Puffle Guide. You’ll find lots of fun toys for your pets in the catalog. Let me know how it goes!

To edit your Stamp Book, click on the pencil icon :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I change my Stamp Book?–A. Dorne

Dear A. Dorne,
To edit your Stamp Book, first open your Player Card. Members can click the ‘stamp’ for a close-up view of their Stamp Books. To start editing the cover, simply click the ‘pencil’ at the bottom right of the screen. Did you know you can display your pins too? Scroll through your hard-earned items by clicking on the left and right arrows. The only hard part is deciding which items to stick on the cover! Luckily you can show off six items at a time. Be sure to check out your friends’ Stamp Books too! You can take a peek by clicking on their Player Cards. How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

Secrets Classified Cart Surfer Tips and Secrets :)

Try out these tips the next time you’re speeding through the underground:

Mix up your moves! Perform different tricks to earn more points.
Press ‘down arrow’ and hold ‘left arrow’ or ‘right arrow’ to grind around corners.
Press ‘down arrow’, wait one second, then press the spacebar to do a back flip.
Black puffles love Cart Surfer! Bring them along to earn more Stamps.
To make your game last longer, try crashing on purpose!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 293 :)


kiz said...

saraapril there also a new diffrence the puffles are now fluufy when you walk them

kevin leven5 said...

beta team bug is fixed!!!

Anonymous said...

why theres no pink diva glasses at the catalaog

clubpenguinfanrocks said...

Saraapril theres a new Login Screen

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