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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue 297 :)

I still don’t have the Club Penguin Times Newspaper BUT when I checked in a French Server it was There! Another Club Penguin BUG!

I will add Pictures when I can get the Newspaper in English…Newspaper BUG!

New Ninja Items Revealed!

Honor the elements with new items in the Martial Artworks catalog. The Dojo has been crowded this week. Member Ninjas have been talking about the new items in the Martial Artworks catalog at the Ninja Hideout. “My Ninja Mask was just the beginning,” said one ninja. “Now I will enter the Hideout—and see the new items.”

News Flash :)

Ninja tea parties! Between intense matches, Water Ninjas and Fire Ninjas have been drinking tea together. Join in the tradition with Tea Ceremony robes from the Martial Artworks catalog.

The Lightning Gi and the Golden Sun Suit are proving popular. “I am honored to wear such fine robes,” said the ninja. Others are whispering about secret items: “Search the shadows of the Martial Artworks catalog,” said another ninja. “Your patience will be rewarded.” Member ninjas can see the new items in the Hideout now. Remember—to enter the Hideout, ninjas must first earn the Ninja Mask by defeating Sensei in Card-Jitsu. 

Ahoy! Adventuring Outfits Ahead!

New items for adventurers are coming to the Gift Shop June 30. Penguins craving excitement will soon have their pick of swashbuckling outfits. One castaway is on the lookout for brave thrill-seekers. “Epic adventures are on the way!” he said. “I’m lookin’ for the gutsiest pirates! The daring-est navy! And the swimming-est of mermaids!” “Set sail for the Gift Shop on June 30—but only if yer brave enough!”

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I help new penguins? – Hal Perr

Dear Hal Perr,
This is one of my favorite questions to answer! Sometimes new penguins need help when they first come to the island. Try inviting them to play a game—or send them a friendly postcard. Better yet, add them to your Buddy List. Then put on your Tour Guide hat and show them around! Whatever you decide, I’m sure they’ll appreciate all your help. Considerate penguins like you make the island such a welcoming place. Keep up the great work!

Head to the Gift Shop for the new Penguin at Work job – the One Man Band!

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I get a job? – Job Hunter

Dear Job Hunter,
Getting a job can be very rewarding.The best place to look for one is in the Gift Shop. A new job is featured in the Penguin Style catalog every month! Simply flip to the Penguins at Work page. You may be interested in the current job, the One Man Band. Try dancing while wearing the hat and outfit. You’ll be entertaining crowds in no time. There are many more jobs to choose from around the island—from the Coffee Shop to the Pizza Parlor. You may have to try on a few hats before you find your dream job—but I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit. Good luck, and happy job hunting! For more info look under the label Penguins at Work :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting June 30 Adventure Penguin Style Set sail with seafaring costumes in the Gift Shop!

July 1 Pay Day Workers – check your mailboxes for paychecks.

Starting July 8 New Igloo Music Adventure themes await you in your igloo!

July 8: Better Igloos: transform your home into an island oasis.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 29 Stereo Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: June 30 – July 14

Secrets Classified Puffle Launch Cannons :)

Prepare for a better blast-off! These cannons will help your pet play Puffle Launch in the Pet Shop: Puffle Launch Game CHEATS :) help Guide Walkthrough Tutorial :)

Green Cannon: Can shoot left, right, up, and down
Blue Cannon: Fires the moment your puffle touches it
Purple Cannon: Can rotate in a 360 degree circle
Red Cannon: Spins in a circle—click to blast off!
Checkered Yellow Cannon: Acts as a mini-checkpoint

See Earlier Club Penguin Newspaper issue 296 :)

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