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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disney Hospital Care Packages :)

For the seventh straight year, Child Life Council is teaming with The Walt Disney Company through the Disney Hospital Care Package Program. The care packages, sent to facilities with 25 or more pediatric beds, provide comfort and a sense of normalcy for hospitalized children and their families. Hospital child life specialists utilize the care packages to help the children and families in their care.
“Child life specialists strive to ensure life remains as normal as possible for children in the hospital, and one of the primary ways they do this is by providing opportunities for play,” said Dennis Reynolds, CLC Executive Director. “With the help of Disney Care Packages, specialists enhance coping, promote normal development, and instill a sense of fun in young patients, despite often very challenging circumstances.”

The 2011 Disney Care Packages include items from The Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Disney Stores, including Disney DVDs, sleepwear, blankets, toys and games.

For the first time, this year’s care package also includes membership cards for Club Penguin (, Disney’s award-winning virtual world where children can have fun, play games, and interact.

Disney has a long tradition of supporting children’s hospitals around the world. A separate Disney Care Package program in Europe benefits 90 children’s hospitals and children’s hospices.

I wish you get well soon from Saraapril

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Echo006 said...

You have a new igloo? Will you show us it? Echo006

Coolgirl670 said...

its sad that many people have to go to the hospital but i hope they are better soon!


Anonymous said...

Saraapril, is that a new igloo? Possibly a split level igloo or a grass backyard igloo? I hope we see a post of it soon!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Now children in hospitals can have fun! And maybe with Saraapril! ;)

Cutegirl1735 said...

Aww. So sweet!This proves that Disney has a good side too.:)

Dovewing said...

That's great! By the way, the newspaper bug is fixed.

Stephen726 said...

I went to the dojo to play card jitsu and as usual the arrow was over the card jitsu booth but when i opended my stamp book the arrow didn't disappear or it didn't go behind the stamp book. Is this a bug or a glitch or what is it?


Pigyofdahood said...

Its kinda odd. First my teacher tells my class that my friend was in the hostpital, then you do a blogpos of hostpitals and cp teaming up with disney.


cutieocutie1 said...

i agree coolgirl670

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