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Thursday, June 23, 2011

DJ3K make your OWN Igloo Music :)

The DJ3K Game in Night Club has been Updated :) We can now Record Music and then Play it in our IGLOO! THANKS Club Penguin this is EXACTLY what I wished for :) How to Create Music to My Igloo with DJ3K :) This Feature is for Members and here I can Find My Saved Mixes after I have Created them :)

…DJ3K Instructions :) How to Mix? Choose a track and beat, bass lines, loops and sound effects :) Record: Click to start Recording. Click to Stop Recording :) How to Save? Save and name your Music mix :) Play: Click to play your Own music mixes in your Igloo :)

…First Choose a track to mix Members can Unlock more from the Catalog in the Night Club :)

…Click on Record…

…Have FUN while Mixing your Own Tunes :)

…click on stop when you are done…(The Silence button to the right in this Picture can be used during recording)

…Here is your new mix! Press to Play :) After listening you can choose Save or Cancel (Non Members can listen to the Music they created BUT not save it) Hmmm…let’s save…

…Name your mix :) I will call it Test :) Click on Save…

…You can now Play Test in your Igloo! Create more mix or Go to Igloo?

…I will go to my Igloo :) Look I earned 25 coins making this Tune :)

…Click on the tape Icon to open the Igloo Music List :)

…The Igloo Music List is Updated :) My Saved Mixes :) I Like that we can go to the DJ3K Game from here :) The Music List got Updated Today too :) The Newest added Tunes are Rocking Pizza, Orca Straw, Country West and All-Access Pass :) Here you can see the earlier Igloo Music List :)

…Right now I can’t mute the Music I mixed and now playing in my Igloo and my Brother Littletias that is a Non member can’t hear my Mix Playing…

…Here I am Ready to Mix MORE Music BUT before I start I will go and get my Yellow Puffle Sunshine :)

…and now it’s time to having FUN TOGETHER and create Igloo Music :)

Read more about DJ3K Tunes :) how to get the new Record Hand items and see DJ3K Animated :)

UPDATE: March 8, 2011 Updated DJ3K Game UPgrades catalogue :)


Koofguy said...

the music comes out all weird, not the way i made it :( -Koofguy

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril, you said "mu" igloo instead of "my" igloo :)

Dylan97543 said...

Saraapril can you server hop with me to find the penguin band? I don't need to find Cadence, as I already have. U choose server and room. :3

Anonymous said...

its my not mu!
~winxgirl88 :D

Andy3678 said...

awesome i already made two new songs called the puffle and the franky im gonna go make more! also Saraapril can we meet on the server big surf in the night club now

Ice Berg1010 said...

Can you delete saved tunes?

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