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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Martial Artworks Catalog :) CHEATS :)

Today the Martial Artwork Catalog for Club Penguin Ninjas got more items added :) Practice rewards the student, and impresses the master. Ninjas, move swiftly: Become one with the current. Unite with the air. Only when you respect the elements can you begin to channel their great and ancient power. The Storm Hair Wig 300 coins and Lightning Gi 450 coins :)

…I LOVE that we can do Special Dance Moves with these New Items on :)

…Mouse over the Page to Find Club Penguin Cheats and Hidden Secret Items :) I will not tell you exactly where they are as I don’t want to ruin your FUN to look for them…Hint: GO GREEN…LOL :) The Bolt 300 coins and Thunder Gi 450 coins :)

…We harness the mind for competition…but reflection requires the strongest mind of all. The Quicksilver Hair Wig 350 coins and Iak Ceremony Robe 550 coins :)

…but not with these! Hmm…I hope this is a BUG! I want girly Ninja items to have Cool Special Dances TOO! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

…The Cinder 250 coins and Tea Ceremony Robe 550 coins :)

…Humble ninja sometimes don majestic robes. Great Ninjas honor The splendor of ritual: Learn from tradition. Grand Costumes are needed to celebrate grand customs. Golden Sun Suit 500 coins :)

…Cool :)

…Crimson Sun Suit 500 coins :)

…Now I will Practice my Ninja Skills :) Time to Concentrate!

How to be a Ninja in Club Penguin? The secret is to learn Card-Jitsu :)

UPDATE: Card-Jitsu Mat for SALE :)

UPDATE: Martial Artwork Catalog 2013 CHEATS :)


Anonymous said...

There are many hidden items! They are in the leaves of the three new pages. (three leaves in corner of page) There is the :
The Bolt: 300
Thunder Gi: 450
The Cinder: 250
Tea Ceremony Robe: 550
Crimsion Sun Suit: 500
Also, if you wear hair with robes you do a special dance.

James Carrot said...

i think the new element gonna be wind.Because if you look in the martyial art works you see at the amulet in the right corner some wind.And the new outfit is called 'The Storm'

Anonymous said...

@ james wortel Maybe shadow.

waddleswithfun said...

Saraapril! a lot of people are saying that the penguin band guys are robots! can you explain?

Anonymous said...

The new element is obvious, it's snow, why else would there be a snowflake by the fire and water thingy. XD COMMON SENSE!

Citrus Peal said...

I am so tired of having to look like a guy to DO stuff!
EPF is all guy stuff, now ninja too?
I had some boy order me to make him tea!
Why does Disney hate girls who don't want to just sit around and be princesses?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is NO special movements for the girly outfits! Not fair!

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