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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Membership Page Update for SOME Penguins!

Today some of you have told me that you have got an Update on Disney Club Penguin’s Membership Page BUT just as it was with the New Login Layout I don’t think ALL Penguins have this yet! First I didn't get the Update and Now I have this:

Purchase a Membership!

Membership provides more exploration and creativity!

  • Members enjoy Club Penguin’s commitment to creating a safe and fun online entertainment experience that includes:
  • Unlimited access to everything in Club Penguin
  • More games, themed events and unique activities
  • Exclusive special features and priority server access
  • Secure online payment methods
  • New things for your child to discover and play – every week!
  • Don’t forget about ALL the BUGS you actually will get too!

Membership Feature List :)

On this List we can clearly see what’s available for ALL Penguins and what MORE you get if you buy a Membership :)

…I’m not sure this is ALL of the Update but this is what I get so far…UPDATE: after Clearing my cache I got this…

UPDATE : I cleared my cache again and now I got this:

Purchase a Membership

About Membership: Here is the same List as you get when you click on Membership Feature List :)

…This is a Scroll Down List :)Disney Club Penguin Membership Feature List :)


What’s New This is how this Page Looked like earlier: Membership FUN June 2011 :)

…On this Page we have a Typo Club Penguin wrote wit instead of with! Thanks Wwerocks88 for telling me about this Typo you have a GREAT eye for details :)

…I like this Update :) I hope ALL Penguins will get this soon :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Membership Page :)


Trainman1405 said...

Instead of don't got it should say don't have.

Wwerocks88 said...

There's a typo! If you go to the "What's new" tab on the Membership Page, it says, "Check out what you can access WIT your badge in June!" WIT should be WITH.

1w34e said...

Hi there friend. Thanks for the update of the Club Penguin membership page! It is funny how on that membership page when Club Penguin was listing the benefits of being a member you wrote "You get more BUGS too". You're really funny Saraapril! I actually thought that Club Penguin wrote that XD. From Your Good Ol' Friend 1w34e :D As Always Hope To See U Soon

Lm34gt45 said...

It says "parent's instead of parents!

Puffguy3 said...

I don't like this update!

Flippers3666 said...

new message from gary!

-Flippers3666 :)

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