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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music Jam Preparations 2011 :)

The Preparation for the Music Party 2011 starts Today and all around Club Penguin you will find Boxes, Instruments and material to Build Stages :) HURRAY The PINK and PURPLE Colors are BACK :)

…This Stage is always TONS of FUN :)

…Music Music Music :)

…The BIG Stage will be here at The Dock :)

…I hope the COOL Confetti Machine will be back in here :)

…Here we will have Red vs. Blue in a Music Battle :)

…Coffee Break at the Country Stage :)

…Cove Music :)

…and The Penguin band will ROCK the Iceberg again :) This looks EXACTLY like last year BUT we didn't have so Many Bugs back then so I hope this will be a BUG FREE and FUN Party :)

…If you want to take a look at earlier Club Penguin Music Jam Parties you will find links on this Post Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINKS Collection :)

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Coolpiggy11 said...

New play!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for music jam!I am decorating my iggy NOW!

Anonymous said...

When I get a band I will enter them in the red vs blue competion Hey by the way Hope I see you at the music jam this is from ben1011bh

Lapasita said...

Oh my good Saraapril you rock!!! i luv you soo much!!!!please meet me in club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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