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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purple Wizard Hat REPLACED by Welcome Cap!

Are you like me Sick and Tired of the Incompetence we costumers get from Disney Club Penguin Online Game? Once AGAIN the Purple Wizard Hat is missing in my Inventory! WHY?

…it is REPLACED by the New Welcome to new Friends Red Cap! Welcome Items :)

…Thanks Luigileo for reminding me about this :) Message to Club Penguin: This is UNACCEPTABLE! Message to ALL NEW Penguins: Keep your Red Cap on your head you never know how long you will be able to keep it…Welcome to CLUB BUG!

Disney Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: The Background in the Pictures is NOT the Background you get as a New Penguin even if this is the Background Billybob showed us in his Sneak Peek Welcome to New Friends! BUG!?! See more here Create a Penguin Update :)

UPDATE: June 29, 2011 We have now BOTH the Red Cap and the Wizard Hat :) Thanks to anonymous for telling me about this update :) And Thanks Club Penguin for fixing the Bug can you please fix so that we get the New Background too?

UPDATE: June 30, 2011 I have now got the New Background :) Thanks Club Penguin :)


Coffeetip :) said...

Hey Saraapril, I found a bug, when you activate your account, goto your emails and click Activate account again, and it'll come up with enter your activation code, the spelling mistake is "Peguin" - Coffeetip :)

kiz said...

i havnt even got mine :(

Puffguy3 said...

I don't even have the red hat!

Anonymous said...

Can you meet me at big foot,
I have the whole set of Tactical, Comm,and Tech if you want to see them! If you DO come, go to my igloo on the map (so people wont crowd).

-Snugle Love

Anonymous said...

I have Safe Chat

-Snugle Love

Anonymous said...

Club Bug: A poem by Spongebob524,

Welcome to Club Bug,
where the workers are slugs,
be surrounded by glitches,
and none of your wishes,
you can join today,
but please DO delay!

- Spongebob524

Bdawgboy190 said...

I dont even have the red hat yet!

Dovewing said...

I don't have the cap or the wizard hat! this is so FRUSTRATING!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont have the new background!
firing workers didnt help cp get less bugs

Gary3008 said...

I dont have the new hat background or map!

Anonymous said...

I can't even get into my igloo. CP freezes. I HATE CLUB BUG!


Johnman65 said...

I don't even have ANY of the updates. No new map, or hat, or background.

Mt Orange said...

I have the new map, but I still don't have the cap and background. I will wait until Thursday when the new updates come out (new catalog) then if i still don;t have the items, I will send a bug report.

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