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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When can I start to play Club Penguin again?

I can’t Login to Club Penguin Please HELP! Hurray! I can Login to Club Penguin and Play :)

Why can some Penguins Play Club Penguin online game and some not right now? It’s because of Club Penguin’s “Technical Problem” with the Domain!

Whose fault is this Domain Problem? It is Disney Club Penguin’s fault as THEY should have paid their renewal fee for the Domain in time!

I’m a PAYING Member Will I get compensated for this? Many rumors are circling around BUT Yesterday I sent an email to Club Penguin and asked about that…so far they have NOT replied so for now I don’t know for sure…UPDATE: From CP Support June 21, 2011, I have added a week of membership to your account, Saraapril, to make up for the time you were unable to access Club Penguin. (I am STILL Unable to Play Club Penguin but Thanks :)

Will the Music Jam Party 2011 be extended so that I get a chance to find Cadence and Penguin Band? Again I have not got any answer from Club Penguin…UPDATE: From CP support June 21, 2011, I am happy to tell you that we will be extending the Music Jam for a few days.

When can I start playing Club Penguin again?

This can take several hours or several days.

What can I do? If the Domain updates haven't reached your Internet service provider there is NOTHING YOU can do!

Will it help to clear the Flash player cache or reinstall Flash player?

There is no need to do that unless you have other problems with the Flash player.

Will it help to clear my web browser cache?

After the Internet service provider is updated you might need to clear the web browser cache and possibly flush DNS (Domain Name System) as described below.

Why Flush DNS?

When you make a change to a domain (like this information must be spread all over internet to root servers, ISPs (Internet Service Provider) and so on.

How long does domain propagation take?

Domain propagation takes between 36 to 72 hours generally. Sometimes less, sometimes a bit more.

When your local ISP has been updated it might take up to about 24 hours for your computer to learn about the change.

BUT There is one way to speed this up on your computer :) You can flush DNS or clear the DNS cache.

How to Flush DNS in Microsoft Windows?

In Microsoft Windows, you can use the command ipconfig /flushdns to flush the DNS resolver cache. Open the Command Prompt by either pressing the Windows key + R and enter cmd and press OK…

…or click on the Windows button and enter command prompt…

…click on Command Prompt…

…and type the following:

C:>ipconfig /flushdns

How to Flush DNS in Mac OSX?

In Mac OSX Leopard, you can use the command dscacheutil -flushcache to flush the DNS resolver cache:

bash-2.05a$ dscacheutil -flushcache

In Mac OSX versions 10.5.1 and before, the command lookupd -flushcache performed the same task:

bash-2.05a$ lookupd –flushcache

How to Flush DNS in Linux?

In Linux, the nscd daemon manages the DNS cache. To flush the DNS cache, restart the nscd daemon. To restart the nscd daemon, use the command `/etc/init.d/nscd restart`.

After you have flushed DNS you can clear the cache of the web browser you use.

What can you do if you like me have done all this BUT STILL can’t Play Club Penguin? Nothing we just have to Wait…Sigh…

Note to Disney Club Penguin: The Domain name will expire June 13, 2012 can you make SURE to PAY that Fee in time? Domain Problem!

Club Penguin’s Epic Domain FAILURE on News!

How to Fix Club Penguin login Problem CHEATS :)


Anonymous said...

I can't play CP :(

Ice Cool 7 said...

I am trying to call CP but they don't pick up!!

Coolgirl670 said...

Saraapril my membership will expire in a few days and i cant get on cp! :(


Dan said...

I cant play club penguin

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

You are AMAZING, but it didn't solve the problem, should I try this every hour?

Marlins1fan1 said...

Wierd!! I can get on it!!! I feel so bad for everyone else!!!!

Andrew said...

Club Penguin has started working for me again!

Anonymous said...

I cant clear my DNS Cache!HELP! It says its not an internal or external command batch file???

Icebird10 said...

I use centurylink for my internet and I cant get cp to work either instead I have to look at wierd looking clown. saraapril can you get on clubpenguin now?

slidey78356 said...

i emailed cp and the music jam want be extended=(

Anonymous said...

I still can't play. :( :( :( :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I meeted franky today, but I feel sad abute all those that NOT can get to cp and meet them! -Metrojet P.S: can you please start track penguin band for those that NOT finds penguin band

Fishandfries said...

Did I tell you I called CP and they gave me 10,000 coins for the problem? They also said that it was my internet server that was giving me the problem. (EX: If your verizon, you need to call verizon and tell them to clear THEIR cache). Also, the person said that everytime a person asked her to extend the music jam, she passed it on to the mods like Billybob. That's good, right?


Awez Ome said...

Billybob has just posted a new You Decide for an upcoming party in September! There is a goat, a pig, a rooster, a horse and a cow :). I wonder if it will be a Barnyard Party?

Anonymous said...

What am I gonna do if cp isn't gonna work for the next couple of days? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Johnman65 said...


Nicoliolioly said...

I can play now, and if you can play, there's a new "You Decide" for animal costumes.
#3 all the way! XD
- Nicoliolioly

Anonymous said...

Your kind of like a problem solver!LOL!-mack18853

Dorian1453 said...

I phoned Club Penguin and they said the Music Jam will be extended!

Anonymous said...

cp still not working for me :(

Anonymous said...

it is working try

Disney175 said...

@Marlins1fan1, I can get on Club Penguin as well, but I do feel sad for those other penguins :'-(

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