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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adventure Party Preparation 2011 is HERE :)

The Adventure Party Constructions has begun in Club Penguin and I am so HAPPY to see all these decorations again :) If we work TOGETHER our Island will soon be decorated for the Island Adventure Party 2011 :) Her in Town you will find green plants :)

…LOOK! This box at the Plaza has sand and FLOWERS :)

…Her at the Cove we have MORE Boxes, sand and FLOWERS :)

…I’m so HAPPY that the super cool Flare Flinger 3000 that Uncle Gary invented so long time ago to contact Rockhopper is back again at the Beach :) Read the Story about that here: Aqua Grabber the Beginning :)

…Click on Flare Flinger 3000…I hope Rockhopper and Yarr saw that and can come here in time for the Party that would be so Much FUN :)

Flare Flinger 3000 :)

Oops! Adventure Catalog Posted by Billybob!

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Saraapril’s little Mermaid Igloo :)

New PIN CHEATS :) Gold Anchor Pin :)

Igloo Upgrades Catalog CHEATS :)

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Times issue 299 :)

Igloo Music List Update :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Saraapril’s little Mermaid Igloo Wallpaper :)

Writing a Story :)

Saraapril’s Whale’s Mouth Igloo :) My Stories and Adventures :)

The Migrator Spotted :)

Foreign letters and Bugs!

Saraapril’s Whale’s Mouth Igloo Wallpaper :)

Adventure Party Sneak Peek Video by Happy77 :)

Pin Bug at Iceberg!

Questions this Week by Billybob :)

FUN with Friends :)

Island Adventure Party Banners 2011 :)

Island Adventures Postcards Jokes and Music :)

Club Penguin Times issue 300 :)

Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril! I noticed two glitches on Club Penguin today that has not been posted... one of them is when you play puffle rescue and your done with the game, it shows you number of coins and what stamps you get. When you close this thing, it takes you straight to your igloo! The other glitch i noticed is in the new furniture catalog. When i wanted to buy they confetti blazer, it says it costs 50 coins in the catalog. when i clicked "buy", the message said: "Would you like to buy confetti blazer for 25 coins?" I clicked yes,and it only subtracted 25 from my coins. Club Penguin has so many glitches, you can't even count them! :/

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