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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue 298 :)

Mermaids Sighted! Pirates too! X Marks the Spot :)

Mermaids Sighted! Pirates too!

Adventuring outfits are out now in the Penguin Style catalog.

The island's boldest adventurers and bravest thrill-seekers have gathered in the Gift Shop! From mermaids to first mates, everyone is diving into the new clothing catalog...

Pirates are tying on the raggediest rags. Mermaids are sparkling in the latest sea-inspired hairstyles. Navy captains are showing off the finest hats. “Pip pip!” said one navy captain. “With my new hat, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. And my company will look shipshape in these uniforms.” Join the crew of sailors and mermaids—at the Gift Shop now! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

X Marks the Spot :)

July 14: Island-inspired furniture comes to the Better Igloos catalog. New island igloo items are coming next week! The Club Penguin Times spoke with one castaway who is preparing his igloo. “I’m gonna hang up lotsa vines,” he said. They’re good for swingin’!” “And for hidin’ too—I’ve got to keep my treasure safe from pirates! It’s gonna be real easy to get lost in all those sea streamers.” Dig up new treasure in the Better Igloos catalog—starting July 14 in your igloo.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting July 14 Igloo Upgrades Great grottos and undersea igloos ahead!

Starting July 14 Better Igloos Beachworthy items for your sand castle home.

Starting July 14 Party Construction Begins Workers: help prepare the island…for adventure!

July 14 Igloo Music: Sing along with new sea shanties.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 12 Tiki Mask Pin :)
Next pin hidden: July 13-July 28

News Flash :)

Mapmakers reveal new island map! Games, places, shopping and pets are now easier to find. Check out the new look by clicking the map in the bottom left of your screen. New Club Penguin Map and Welcome items :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,I need to be 45 days old to be a Tour Guide. How can I find out my age? – Birthe Day

Dear Birthe Day,
This is an excellent question!To find out your age, simply click the ‘?’ in the far right on your tool bar. You’ll be able to see how old you are—to the day! After 45 days, you can take the Tour Guide test. To help you be the best Tour Guide, make sure to explore the whole island. Learning everything you can about Club Penguin will be helpful when you begin to give tours. And don’t forget, after 183 days—you’ll earn a Stamp! Now that’s something to celebrate!

Click the measuring tape and cardboard box to see your igloo items.

Dear Aunt Arctic,I bought a new igloo. Where can I find it? – Miss Placed

Dear Miss Placed,
To find an igloo you’ve bought, first click the measuring tape in your igloo. Then click the cardboard box. A list of icons will pop up, and you’ll want to click on the igloo below the Puffle icon. Now you can scroll through all the igloo designs and choose the one you want. You’ll also find all your igloo decorations by clicking the cardboard box . Don’t forget to check out the exciting igloo designs coming out next week. You’ll be able to create your own pirate or mermaid adventure. Have fun decorating your new igloo! How to find all your Igloos in Club Penguin :)

Secrets Classified Year Book Secrets :)

Did you know there are hidden secrets in the Year Book? It’s true! To look back on the island’s history, head to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop. Open the 2009/2010 Year Book and click around the Everyday Phoning Facility page. You just may detect a surprise...Club Penguin Yearbook 2009 – 2010 :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 297 :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, you are always updated whatever happens in the Club Penguin. I must say that you are a successful blogger. Mimo777 and other bloggers are not updated.

Anonymous said...

If you click on the letters in the yearbook it turns them red! Go to June 2010 and Click the letters on EVERYDAY PHONING FACILITY

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