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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 299 :)

Call Rockhopper to the Party! New Igloos out Now!

Call Rockhopper to the Party!

Signal Rockhopper with the Flare Flinger 3000 at the Beach.

“Rockhopper will want to be at the party on July 22,” said one castaway. “He's a pirate. He likes all that pirate-y stuff.”  “We’re sending an invitation into the sky! We need everyone to help out at the Beach.”

“Luckily, the Flare Flinger 3000 lights up the whole sky. He’ll see the lights for sure!” “Well, unless he’s looking the other way...” “We’ll need everyone’s help with the Flare Flinger 3000,” said the castaway. “We want to launch it a bajillion times!” “If we work together I’m sure Rockhopper will see the signals.” “I hope he makes it in time—and brings us rare treasures! Like, I don’t know... maybe a Squid Lid hat! That would be cool...” Invite Rockhopper to the party—launch the Flare Flinger 3000 at the Beach!

New Igloos out Now!

Igloo owners are testing the waters with new island homes. Pirates and navy captains are setting sail in ship igloos. The Club Penguin Times spoke with one mermaid who had this to say... The cove igloo is perfect for all my mermaid-ing needs,” she said. “I love collecting treasures. Then swimming home to place them around my grotto. The best part is, there’s room for all my clamshells!” Find your perfect island home in the Igloo Upgrades catalog — out now in your igloo! Igloo Upgrades Catalog CHEATS :) and Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting July 22 Island Adventure Party Pirates and navy on deck! Prepare for an epic celebration.

Starting July 22 Pirating Postcards Ahoy mateys! Adventure postcards for ye shipmates!

Starting July 22 Rockhopper Arrives! Climb aboard the Migrator when it docks at the Beach.

Starting Now: Island Adventure Party construction begins.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 28 Golden Anchor Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: July 29 - August 11, 2011

News Flash :)

Sailor songs and mermaid melodies out now! Get new tracks for your igloo and invite your shipmates for a sea shanty sing-along. Arr! Igloo Music List Update :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, How long have you worked for the Club Penguin Times?–E. Gert Uno

Dear E. Gert Uno,
Thank you for asking! I first began writing for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006. I remember it like it was yesterday—my my, how time flies. The newspaper has come a long way in the last five years. Did you know our first issues were printed in black and white? The Club Penguin Times has reported it all. From the time Rockhopper first sailed to the island, to the discovery of the Box Dimension! With so many unusual events to report—I’ll surely be writing the newspaper for many issues to come. Thank you for your thoughtful question.

Watch your Puffle’s face for clues about its mood.

Dear Aunt Arctic,How do I know if my puffle is hungry? – Howe Tofeed

Dear Howe Tofeed,
Taking care of puffles is a big responsibility. Luckily, puffles are very expressive pets! Watch your pet’s face for clues about its mood. If your puffle gets hungry, it will look very unhappy indeed. Should you run out of food, be sure to stop by the Pet Shop to get more. Simply click the ‘Love Your Pet’ catalog in the bottom right of your screen. Inside, you’ll find many treats for your pet. There are carrots, cookies, and of course, Puffle O’s! Be sure to let me know which treat your puffle likes best. Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :)

Secrets Classified Pizzatron 3000 Sweet Secret :)

You might already know how to make a squid pizza in Pizzatron 3000. But do you know how to make a sweet pizza?

Switch to sweet
Before you hit ‘Start’ in Pizzatron 3000, flip the red switch underneath the conveyor belt. Your regular pizza toppings will turn into sweet treats! Pizzatron 3000 Game Stamps and CHEATS :)

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 298 :)

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