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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FINALLY! My Puffles are HUNGRY!!!

Today I got a Postcard from my Puffle Shakespeare: Feed me! I’m Hungry!

…I was so HAPPY to see that my Puffle FINALLY was HUNGRY!

… Time to Feed and take care of Shakespeare…DONE :)

…Time will tell if this Bug is fixed OR if my Puffles will go back to needing no care at all! Puffles don’t need Food or Sleep BUG! I still have the same opinion about this Feature as I had when it was released…Take care  of your Puffles in your Igloo ANIMATED :)


Red aju said...

My bug was exactly different than you XD I had my puffles hungry every minute and I didn't know what to do about that... I think that bug is now fixed. But I prefer not to feed my puffles at all than having to feed them every minute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog! I'm always in need of a cheat... or two! Your blog is the best blog I have seen. Others, the cheats are kinda hard to understand so I have to read/watch(if it's a video) it several times... Thanks for all you do! Keep blog'n!

:) My Club Penguin's name is


Anonymous said...

I noticed that three day's ago :) I just forgot to tell you lol

haley7249 said...

The Tiki pin in the stamp book has the wrong date!

Bin58 said...

cool at least i can feed them properly now and now i can play properly with my puffles now.

Anonymous said...

I DON'T LIKE IT!! ITS A BUG!! I CANT LEAVE MY PUFFLES IN 5 MINUTES (also logout) AND WHEN I LOG IN AT LEAST 2 OF MY PUFFLES ARE HUNGRY! (srry for caps)But its so stressing! I must use MUCH time To Feed/play/Bath mt puffle so I think I must left them all free!-Metrojet (sorry for long post)

smudgiepie said...

from the biggining of the puffle changes my puffles werent hungry exept mini piplup the blue puffle everytime i see her sad

Anonymous said...

all my puffle is not hungry but my blue puffle is hope it is fixed.:)

Anonymous said...

wow same first my broqwn puffle always needed to be feed but my other two didnt now they all need to be feed contantly PS> why is there word verifcaion i dont get it

Anonymous said...

Hi saraapril wondering when your coming on next and if also we could meet happy77 or billybob and if you could make a blog of when and where your party is also we met before i have a postcard from you we met at the epf place when herbet broke the wall.

- Small49325

Hyperace said...

my yellow puffle, Sunshine always constantly giving me mail to feed it. i always thought my orange puffle was the greedy one! today, i logged into cp and recieved 11 mail. one from each of my puffles, wanting to be fed!

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