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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

While waiting for the Music Jam Party 2011 to start I met Puffguy3 in Town and TOGETHER we had a Dance Party :)

…Hi Selena7625 I’m HAPPY to meet you :)

…HURRAY! The Disney Club Penguin Music Jam Party 2011 is HERE! TOGETHER we had a FUN Party at the Iceberg :)

…all Penguins were not members so we decided to Rock the Dock Stage instead of Backstage :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

…TOGETHER with Friends I met Cadence in Belly Slide and later when I just got a Spy Phone message form Director I met Dvivoni :) Thanks for the Popcorn Friend they were so Yummy :)

…but where can I throw away the empty Popcorn box? No Problem Dvivoni is a Secret EPF Agent with RECYCLING POWERS! AWESOME!! I LOVE environment Friendly Solutions :)

…At the Iceberg I met Anev4e and Echo006 :) TOGETHER we had so Much FUN :)

…First we had a Dancing Friends Party :)

…and then a HAPPY Friends Party :)

…We talked about our Puffles and how much we like them and then we decided to have a Puffle Party :) PUFFLES are the PERFECT PETS!

…Bye for now Friends keep on Rocking TOGETHER :)

…at the Dock I was so nervous singing for the Judges…BUT they liked my Song :) THANKS! I can be in the Singing Contest at the BIG Dock Stage! This will be so Much FUN :)

…I met Dvivoni and Harrypopins1 at the Beach and…

…we went to the Backstage to wait for the Penguin Band…They didn't came BUT we had a FUN Dancing and Singing :)

…I decided to do some more Server Hopping and in one server I met Rolly9fish :) Hi Friend :)

…Nadin18882, Survivorace, Burner36, Mark1100 and Limpy657 showed me AWESOME Breakdance Moves :)

…IN Town Sully and I had FUN HAPPY RUNNING :)

…Sully1201 dressed up to look like Franky :)

…TOGETHER with Friends I met ALL Member in the Penguin Band and I got their NEW Autographed Background and earned their Stamps :)

I met G Billy in Deep Snow :) FUN with Friends :)

I met Franky in Server Ice Berg :) FUN with Friends :)

I met Petey K in Server Crystal :) FUN with Friends :)

I met Petey K in Big Foot :) FUN with Friends :)

I met Stompin’ Bob in Abominable :) FUN with Friends :)

I met G Billy in Alpine :) FUN with Friends :)

…The NEW Adventure Penguin Style Catalog is HERE and I had forgot my Penguin Avatar in Town while Posting on my Blog…when I remembered my Penguin I was crowded by Friends! Hi Everyone :)

…How did you find me? I thought I was hiding in an empty server…LOL :)

…TOGETHER we had a Quick Party, Dancing, Talking and…


…It was FUN to meet you ALL :) Now I must keep Posting on my Blog to help Penguins to find the Hidden Secret items :) Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :)

…THANKS to ALL GREAT Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

Under this label you will find MORE FUN with Friends :)


Puffguy3 said...

That dance party we had was really cool and it was fun to see you again!

Sophie83569 said...

Saraapril , do u go on cp everday?I thought u were really lucky becaasue u met everyone in the penguin band . Do you meet a mascot in every party? P.S. MY CP USERNAME IS SOPHIE83569!

Bin58 said...

Saraapril, how do we know youre doing Fun with Friends, I really want to meet you again. And I still have your "Penguin Band" postcard!

Anonymous said...

that looks like you had fun!!!! I remember meeting you at the iceberg!!

jbksflkhdbscjncz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spigos said...

It was AWESOME meeting you for the first time, Saraapril! I hope to meet you again when you aren't crowded, so we could have some fun together! Hope to meet you soon again on CP! ~Spigos Nr 3~

kittyfaten said...

i really wanna meet u cuz ur an awesome person Lol

Anonymous said...

The first time you say dvivioni you spell it wrong lol.

speedly2 said...

wow to sounded like fun i wish i could meet you on cp the first time i saw you on cp was on music jam on crysal with petey k.:)


Anonymous said...

Hurray, I am in this post!!

Anonymous said...

i remember when my friends and i were waiting for music jam and we helped building but it still wasnt there i went on my laptop and it was there it was so fun

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