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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puffle Stamp Bug fix in Jet Pack Adventure :)

It looks like Club Penguin is working to fix Bugs in their Online Game and today we got an Update among the Green Puffle Stamps in the Jet Pack Adventure Game :) Just like before the Puffle Pilot Stamp is for Everyone! How come as only Members can have a Green Puffle? The answer is that Non Members can have unlocked a Green Puffle from one of the Treasure Books so they can earn this Stamp too :) Levels BLOCKED in Club Penguin Games ANIMATED!

…ONLY Members can play more than the First Level in this Game so the Puffle Bonus Stamp is FINALLY correctly changed to a Member Stamp! How to earn Puffle Bonus Stamp CHEATS :) 

…and so is the Puffle Plus Stamp :)

…Non Members can earn the Puffle Boost Stamp just as before in Level 1 :)

Green Puffle Stamps CHEATS Jet Pack Adventure :) 

Green Puffle in Jet Pack Adventure ANIMATED :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)


Anonymous said...

don't you realise, that IS possible for non members(the puffle boost stamp) because they canrun out of fuel then the puffle can collect a fuel can ON THE FIRST LEVEL.


Mc Splash said...

They didn't add it to Puffle Boost because in level 1 of Jet Pack your green puffle can get a fuel if you have unlocked the green puffle. (: ~ Mc Splash

Gary3008 said...

Saraapril it is possible to get Puffle Boost Stamp if your a non member I did it.

Anonymous said...

I got the puffle boost stamp a while ago, when I was a nonmember you can do it in lvl 1

Saraapril said...

@ADAG2000, Mc Splash, Gary3008 and Anonymous Thanks you're Right :) I will update the post with this Information :)

Wuhu Island3 said...

Hi Saraapril, do you have noticed when puffles sleep in your igloo their fur is spiked and not rounded.

PS: My CP name is Wuhu Island3

Coolgirl670 said...

Saraapril i've been wondering what happend to your stories and adventures? i really love them alot


Anonymous said...

How can i get my green puffle to get 200 coins?

James Carrot said...

stil 7 hours and 24 minutes till my birtday XD

-James Wortel

speedly2 said...

when can we meet in cp saraapril
PST (penguin standart time)PM plz
day PST(penguin standart time)
plz select saraapril and answer
PS. sorry if im late.:)

Anonymous said...

SARAAPRIL new pin at ice berg and construction for adventure party!Plz give credit to pups2003

Anonymous said...

The construction begins! - Lebron2423

speedly2 said...

hi saraapril cp is preparing the adventure party, you can see around the island.:)

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