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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin 2011 Video :)

Elite Penguin Force Mainframe Database Network! Secret Information about Club Penguin Kelowna and what they do Day to Day…Shhh…This is a SECRET…LOL :)

…Message from Billybob: Here's an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at Club Penguin headquarters in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Learn about the team and their different roles. What would your do if you worked at Club Penguin? By Billybob

Username: Billybob
Password: *************

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Loading EPF Mainframe

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Elite Penguin Force Database Network

Club Penguin
Disney Online Studios
Kelowna B.C.

Secret Agent Message: If you can read this you have really great eye sight

…Filter…LOOK! One File is named TIP ICEBERG! Thanks Slidoo for noticing the Tip Iceberg Text :)

…Map pf CP (Typo Bug! I think they meant Map of CP)

…You are Cool :)

Behind the Scenes at: Disney Club Penguin


Fun Fact: Lane Co-Founded Club Penguin

Agents, welcome to the Elite Penguin Force Mainframe

Here at Club Penguin you’re gonna see some pretty important and top secret files but just remember I don’t share this information with anyone. Stay sharp agents. Good luck!

Adam Artist

Fun Fact: Adam’s favorite toy is LEGO

Here at the animation team come up with all the art assets for all the games, catalogs, rooms everything they see in Club Penguin that’s drawn is done by this team. My favorite thing to do here day to day have to be come here with new experiences whether that’s a new party or’s a new project or any sort of new experience to bring to the kids I think that’s the coolest thing we got to do around here. If somebody wants to be an artist or work in the games industry you just have to keep drawing every day so it takes a lot of practice maybe take some courses maybe go to school for it you really have to take it seriously treat it like a full time job draw every day keep drawing all the time.

Emma Writer

Fun Fact: Emma doesn’t like bellybuttons

On a daily basis we do things like writing script, copy for advertisements, newspapers, newsletters, ops messages, help sections, everything you see inside Club Penguin and on the website itself. I would say that the most challenging thing we do is juggling different tasks because we have so many different projects that we working on every day the best advice I can give to somebody who wants my job when they grow up is to practice practice practice. Keep reading and keep writing.

Cory Designer

Fun Fact: Cory is the tallest designer at Club Penguin

Design team is actually split into two separate teams so we have one team that works mostly with retail cards or gift cards you find them in the store the other team works on more the in-world type things so we work on logos for parties we also work on posters, the newspaper and post cards. The advice I would give to someone who’s thinking about doing this when they grow up is to definitely go to college and university there are so many things you can learn there that you just can’t do just by making things up on the computer. While you’re going on university definitely do your own projects and do your own type of work that is something you’re passionate about so that you can develop your own style.

Russ Programmer

Fun Fact: Russ’ favorite food is cereal

??? department in Club Penguin makes all the games you play online. First thing we do is come up with the idea. A lot of times we actually don’t start in the computer, we start in the real world. The most challenging thing we do on the day to day basis is also the most fun thing to do which is creating things from scratch and then solving problems. A lot of times we doing things that are new we never done them before. The advice I give somebody that want to be a game programmer when they grow up would be, one learn Mac, computers like Mac, two play lots of games so you knows what makes a good game and what makes a bad game and thirdly you should like puzzles. If you like puzzles taking things apart figuring out how they work you’re probably gonna make a good programmer.

Dave Game Tester

Fun Fact: Dave is afraid of Flying Fish

We test everything from the community section to the home page to new mini games and parties and even backend technical updates that the user doesn’t even see. The most exciting part of the QA job is the ever changing fast paced environment there are lots of projects and you look at new things every day. Any advice I would give for someone who want to be a QA tester when they grow up would be to be very attentive really like playing games and to be very detail oriented. You look at a lot of different things and you gotta make sure that it’s as bug free as possible before it goes out to the audience.

Mallory Support

Fun Fact: Mallory has a cat named Toaster

My job is to support the players so we answer their questions through phone and email. We have to know pretty much everything there is to know about Club Penguin. It’s pretty cool to be able to help people everyday and and talk to them everyday. If someone wanted to do my job I would say you have to learn everything there is to know about Club Penguin and definitely brush up on your typing skills because you gonna do a lot of that.

Well agents I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at Club Penguin. What you have seen here is top secret and very classified and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. I wish you well on your future missions. Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready!

Detail: I like how we can click on the Create a Penguin icon or Login icon directly from YouTube :)

…Thanks Club Penguin for this interesting Information :) Here you will find MORE Videos Saraapril on YouTube :)

UPDATE: Operation Black Out Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin behind the Scenes 2011 Details :)


Anonymous said...

it says opration black out THERE IS GONNA BE A BLACK OUT?

waddleswithfun said...

Hey! I know who the director is! It's billybob

Pasta13542 said...

Awesome! It's really cool how Billybob always goes to our parties, too. Happy77 does too, well at least I think cause how could she see the igloos for Featured Igloos This Week?

Anonymous said...

Stop at 1.50 .Its a text with the title 'blackout'.So,a text for what.Whell if you zoom in on the text and read it,you start to think that this text is a script for a NEW MISSION!!!

-James Wortel

Dylan97543 said...

I think Billybob is the director!!!!!
_Agent Dylan97543_

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a COOL VIDEO! Maybe Billybob Is the director but I'm not sure AND the Operation Blackout is mysterious too!

Anonymous said...

i am 50% i know that billybob is the director and 50% he is not

Anonymous said...

What A Mystery! I Wonder Whats Going To Happen. ~Mario123boom

Anonymous said...

You'll be great if you were a game tester... you observe every detail and bug of club penguin and post them here at the blog. I'm sure you will have a great job as a game tester when you grow up! :D

Mc Splash said...

If Billybob was the Director then why would he want to attack the EPF? :S

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