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Friday, August 5, 2011

Club Penguin Mini Games Help and Tutorials :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Mini Games Help and Tutorial Page has been updated with Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water…

…Puffle Rescue, Bits and Bolts, Puffle Launch, System Defender and Pufflescape !

Multi-Player Games :)

Find Four

In the Ski Lodge and the Lodge Attic you can play this game with a friend. To win, stack four pieces in a row diagonally, vertically, or straight across. Alternate turns with your opponent.

Find Four CHEATS :)


This team sport is located at the Super Rink by the Snow Forts. The puck is moved around the ice when the first player to reach the puck moves in the direction they want the puck to go. Ice Hockey is a great way to have fun with friends—no coins are awarded in this game.


Play this game with a friend when you go to the Book Room located above the Coffee Shop. Alternate turns with your opponent; the game ends when a player has no more stones in his/her side of the board. The player with the greatest number of stones in his/her Mancala is the winner. Click on the Mancala poster at the back of the Book Room to read more instructions on how to play.

Mancala CHEATS :)

Sled Racing

This multi-player game is one of Club Penguin's most popular pastimes. Join a race when you go to the Ski Hill. Choose a run; the race begins when each sled seat is filled. Use your arrow keys to move your sled and avoid obstacles.

Sled Racing CHEATS :)

Treasure Hunt (only available when Rockhopper’s ship is docked in Club Penguin!)

Go treasure hunting with a friend in Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator, when the pirate docks in Club Penguin. Go to the Captain's Quarters, located below deck, and click on a pile of buried treasure.

Work with a friend, taking turns clicking rows and columns, and uncover treasure such as coins, rubies, and even a few rare emeralds. The more you work together, the more coins you will earn. When you finish, the earnings are shared equally between you and your friend.

Treasure Hunt CHEATS :)


At The Dojo, players are given a deck of cards by the Sensei.
Every turn, players choose one card from their hand. Players then compare symbols: Fire melts Snow, Water extinguishes Fire, and Snow freezes Water.

Card-Jitsu CHEATS :)

Dance Contest

Multiplayer: For members only, there’s a multiplayer mode where penguins can use their dance skills to show who’s got the best moves.

Dance Contest CHEATS :)

Card-Jitsu Fire

After earning your black belt and challenging Sensei you’ll be able to enter the Ninja Hideout and go to the Fire Dojo. Move around the board challenging other players. If you land on a Symbol Space each player must select a card that matches that symbol. The Select a Symbol Square will allow the player who lands on that square to select the element played. In both cases the card with the highest number wins. On the Battle Square the player can choose an opponent to battle against, Card-Jitsu style. Three modes of play are available: Competition, Sensei and Practice mode.

Card-Jitsu Fire CHEATS :)

Card-Jitsu Water

In the Water Dojo players race each other across tiles that are floating downstream, to the gong at the end. The tiles that float downstream have different elements on them and players will need to select the appropriate card to throw at the element in order to defeat it and advance to the now empty tile. Each tile is occupied by different elements that vary in size, which require a card with a certain "strength" to defeat it. The higher number your card is, the easier it will be to beat the element or you can use multiple cards on one element to defeat it.

Card-Jitsu Water CHEATS :)

Single-Player Games :)

Astro Barrier

This arcade game is located in the Lounge above the Night Club. Use arrow and spacebar keys to shoot moving targets. There are over 30 levels. Coins are awarded for points earned.

Astro Barrier CHEATS :)

Hydro-Hopper (Formerly Ballistic Biscuit) 

Go to the speedboat at the Dock to go for a ride. Tubing behind a boat is always fun but watch out for debris in the water. Use your mouse to navigate.

Bean Counters

Go to the Coffee Shop and click the bag of coffee with the word Java written on it to play. Earn coins for catching and stacking bags of coffee as they fly out of the delivery truck. There are five delivery trucks—unload them all and earn bonus coins. Read the instructions before playing for more information.

Bean Counters CHEATS :)

Cart Surfer

Located in the Mine at the Underground, in Cart Surfer you will speed along a mine track in a cart. Earn points for tricks; use keyboard arrows and spacebar to discover trick combinations. Cart Surfer is a single-player game. It's great to play when you want to earn a lot of coins in a short amount of time.

Cart Surfer CHEATS :)

Catchin’ Waves

Want to go surfing? Head to the Cove and click on the Surf Hut. Choose a surf mode: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition, or Survival mode. Earn points for tricks and jumps.

For a different surfing experience, surfboard upgrades are available for members in the Sport Shop catalog. Upgraded surfboards are added to your inventory after purchase.

Catchin’ Waves CHEATS :)

Ice Fishing

Go out the back door of the Ski Lodge located in the Ski Village. Drop your line in the water and when you catch a fish pull it above the hole and click. Every fish caught equals one coin. If you catch the BIG fish, you earn bonus coins. Use your mouse to move your line above and below the water.

Ice Fishing CHEATS :)

Jet Pack Adventure

Strap on a jet pack and fly when you go to the Beacon located at the Lighthouse. Collect coins as you fly and watch out for obstacles. Use your mouse to navigate through each level. Look for extra fuel cans and jet packs—you need them to complete the game.

Jet Pack Adventure CHEATS :)

Pizzatron 3000

Go to the Pizza Parlor and click on the beaded doorway to become a pizza chef. Use your mouse to drag and drop the toppings that show up on the order screen. Get paid coins for every correct pizza you make.

Pizzatron 3000 CHEATS :)

Puffle Roundup

Help round up puffles, Club Penguin's favorite pets when you play this game. Click on the Employees Only door in the Pet Shop and use your mouse to herd puffles into the fenced area.

A round ends when all the puffles are herded into the pen or have run away. Coins are awarded based on the number of puffles you catch in the shortest amount of time.

Thin Ice

Play this arcade game in the Lounge, located on the second floor of the Night Club. Use your arrow keys to guide the puffle through each maze and melt tiles. Earn coins for every tile melted. Read instructions available at the game for more information and tips.

Thin Ice CHEATS :)

Aqua Grabber

Go to the Iceberg and hop into the Aqua Grabber to explore the ocean depths. Use your arrow keys to move and your spacebar to grab things with the sub's claw. You'll earn coins for everything you're able to bring back to the surface.

Aqua Grabber CHEATS :)

Paint by Letters

Located in the Book Room, these special books get you in on the story. Type along with the words and make choices on what you want to see next to help bring them to life. Every page has a surprise in store.

Paint by Letters CHEATS :)

DJ3K Game

Want to make some noise? Go to the Night Club and be a DJ. Click the speakers on the left side of the screen to get started. Use your mouse to click on the equipment and create some music. It's a great way to hone your DJ skills. Get paid coins for the amount of time you spend making music.


Dance Contest

Single Player: Penguins looking to boogie can waddle over to the Night Club and bust some moves in the Dance Contest. Just listen to the beat and press the arrow keys when they line up with the arrows on the top of your screen.

Dance Contest CHEATS :)

Puffle Rescue

Go down to the mine to help rescue the puffles that have been lost. Find your way to the lost puffles and bring them back safely. Players are able to choose between the Snow, Cave or Water levels.

Puffle Rescue CHEATS :)

Bits and Bolts

Where: In the Dance Lounge above the Nightclub, located in the Town.


  • Click and combine bolts to match the required number
  • Match the correct multiples of bolts to build a piece of the robot
  • Completed robots will launch a blast ball to help clear the screen
  • Some robots need special formulas of bolts to build, such as even, odd or prime numbers
  • For more help on how to play, see the instructions on the start screen of this game

Tips & Tricks:

  • Save your blast balls until you really need them!
  • Don't let the bolts reach the top of the screen

Bits and Bolts CHEATS :)

Puffle Launch

Where: In the Pet Shop, located in The Plaza.


  • Launch your puffle into the sky
  • Use the space bar to launch your puffle from the cannons
  • Press the arrow keys to steer your puffle
  • You can play with any of the puffles you have adopted
  • If you haven't adopted any puffles yet, you'll be able to play with the daring red puffle

Tips & Tricks:

  • Collect Puffle O's and build your own Puffle Launch Cannon
  • Complete all 36 levels and collect all the Puffle O's to unlock the Time Trial Mode!

Puffle Launch CHEATS :)

System Defender

Where: Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility in the Ski Village. Then enter the Command Room.


  • Before you can play you'll need an invite to become an agent. Ask other penguins, or find a secret in the 2009-2010 Year Book in the Book Room
  • Then take the test to become an EPF agent
  • Once you're in the Command Room report to System Defender for duty
  • Use cannons to stop the invading bots before they destroy the EPF mainframe
  • Follow the tutorial in game -- you'll earn a Stamp when you complete your training!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Each color of cannon needs a different amount of energy to build
  • Each color of cannon is strongest against the same color bot
  • Gears upgrade your cannons to make them more powerful
  • The bar along the bottom of the screen will let you know what bots are heading your way and how may

System Defender CHEATS :)

UPDATE: October 28, 2011



  • Choose one of your puffles to play with
  • Collect the Puffle O'berries in each level
  • Grab the key to unlock the door to the next level
  • Use your arrow keys to roll through the caves
  • Use your mouse to drag and rotate moveable objects

Tips & Tricks:

  • Collecting a Puffle O'berry will unlock the hints for each level
  • Use the hints to help you collect the Puffle O'berry bunch
  • Collect the Puffle O'berry bunch to unlock Extreme Mode for that level

UPDATE: Sadly the FUN and Secret filled Animated Books with the Paint by Letters Games are Removed! Club Penguin Bugs and Details!


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