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Friday, August 5, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 302 :)

The Great Snow Race Announced! And Epic Extreme Sport Igloos!

...LOOK! A Crab! Can it be Klutzy? And WHY is he coming from the Everyday Phoning Facility? Hmmm…

The Great Snow Race Announced!

Gary is excited to announce an extreme sports part!

“The Great Snow Race begins August 25!” says Gary the Gadget Guy. This is exciting news for sport fans, but the announcement raises lots of questions. Like, why would Gary throw an extreme sports party? Outside the Everyday Phoning Facility, a reporter talked to Gary.He had this to say..

”My zest for the sporting life is indubitable—in other words, I really love sports!” said Gary the Gadget Guy. “I simply can’t get enough, um... extreme walking! And... intense reading!” “I’m very—what’s the word? Ah yes, stoked. I’m very stoked for the racing and such.” Whatever Gary’s reason for the party, it’s time to sharpen your skis—The Great Snow Race starts August 25!

Epic Extreme Sports Igloos!

Build a half-pipe in your igloo starting August 11.

Serious sports fans can soon build epic ramps in their igloos! One snowboarder spoke to us about the indoor ramp she’s building. “I’m planning an intense course,” she said.So my team can practice on tracks that twist! And slopes that slant!” “We gotta ramp up our game for the Great Snow Race. Then we can chill out with slushies from my slushie maker! How rad will that be?” Check out all the extreme igloo gear when it hits the Better Igloos catalog August 11.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting August 11 Better Igloos Catalog New igloo items: half-pipes, stair ramps—even a slushie maker!

Starting August 18 Party Construction! Workers: help build winners podiums for the Great Snow Race.

Starting August 18 Team Blue vs. Team Red! Cheer on your favorite team at the Stage!

Starting now: Stock up on racing gear in the Gift Shop! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 10 Tropical Bird Pin CHEAT :)
Next pin hidden: August 11 – August 24

News Flash :)

Race to the Gift Shop for the latest extreme sports gear. Suit up with snow and stunt equipment in the Penguin Style catalog!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I adopt a puffle? – Anita Pet

Dear Anita Pet,
You’ll find some very excited puffles waiting for you in the Pet Shop!There are ten puffle species to choose from. To help you decide which pet is right for you, click the puffles hopping up and down in the Pet Shop. You’ll be able to read about their personalities, and take the Puffle Adoption Quiz! The best part is, whatever your personality—you’ll find there’s a puffle just like you! Once you choose your new friend, simply click the ‘adopt’ button. Then you can choose to walk your new pet, or meet it at home in your igloo. And don’t forget to pick up some food from the puffle catalog. Your new puffle is probably going to be very hungry indeed! Puffle handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Vacationing penguins put their flippers up at the Beach.

Dear Aunt Arctic, Where do penguins go for vacation? – Tucker Dout

Dear Tucker Dout,
Every penguin needs a change of scenery once in a while. Some vacationers crave rest and relaxation,while others look for adventure. If you’re ready to unwind, try spending a lazy afternoon on the Beach. Seeking thrills? Climb up to the Ski Hill for an intense sled race. Maybe you’d like to get away from it all. In that case, I suggest a camping trip to the Forest. And don’t forget your igloo. After all, there really is no place like home. Try redecorating your furniture. A simple change can make you feel like you’re somewhere new. Wherever you end up, I’m sure you’ll feel rested in no time. Bon voyage!

Secrets Classified Special Dances :)

Ever see a penguin doing something different and wonder how it’s done? Special dances are unique to certain items. To dance, make sure the item is the only thing you’re wearing. Then press ‘D’ and see what happens. Also, try waving to trigger a special move. Check out this cool dance: Wear one of the snowboards from the new Penguin Style catalog, press ‘D’ and watch what happens…Snowboard ANIMATED :)

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 301 :)


Leon 23233 said...

I found Klutzy on the news paper right at the bushes.

Rootin said...

Look! You can see footprints and Klutzy/A Crab bin the Background! Could this be linked to the new system defender level?

ghris2 said...

On picture where Gary is talking with reporter there is a crab hidding in bushes and some footprints on ground.

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

Saraapril, on the first picture of the newspaper you can see a crab jumping from the shrubbery and it's trail.

Anonymous said...

Herbert AND Klutzy might be planning something big! What's going to happen? Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

OMG! KLUTZY! This Maybe Will Be Herbert Revenge! Be Alert EPF Agents! ~Mario123boom

Anonymous said...

Sports hmmm, maybe Gary I planning to rebuild the sports shop, remember that he uset to own it!

Nicoliolioly said...

I think I know why Gary is having the race. He wants to try and find Herbert and Klutzy's hideout, because we all know that Gary is defiently NOT into sports!!

haley7249 said...

Dis you notice that Gary looked so nervous during the interveiw?

Spike91347 said...

Hey saraapril if you look on the newspaper it says delivered every thursday but it meant to say delivered every Friday. Please give me credit for this find if you want to.

j1h7e7 said...

at the adventure party all of the crabs looked up. remember in the battle of doom when herbert and klutzy escaped by air? maybe these have something to do with each other along with the new crab and the new system defender level.

Marlins1fan1CP said...

LOL The xGames comes to club penguin! xD

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