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Friday, August 12, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 303 :)

I get the Indication that the New Newspaper is here BUT…

…Sadly Club Penguin Times came with a Loading Bug this Time! It can’t be closed with the X either so I have to Log off…BUG!

…HURRAY! The Bug is FIXED! I guess Aunt Arctic found more ink…LOL :)

Awesome Adventure Ahead! The Great Snow Race will be held on the Toughest Mountain!

ATTENTION ALL EPF AGENTS! Secret Message from the Director in Club Penguin Times! More info here: Secret EPF Message in Newspaper!

Awesome Adventuring Ahead!

The Great Snow Race will be held on the Toughest Mountain.

Starting August 25, even experienced athletes will need to watch their step! We interviewed one excited climber for details. “Last year, parts of the mountain were for members only. This time up, it’s open to everyone!I wonder what kind of race we’re racing!”

“Maybe it’s a race to the top!” said the mountaineer. “Or a quick slide to the bottom? Hey, maybe it’s both!” “All I know is, if it’s anything like last year’s expedition, we’ve got an extreme peak face-off ahead of us.” “My advice? Bring along some buddies.”Friends can help you solve tough puzzles, and keep you in tip top condition!” “So strap on your helmet, and lace up your boots. The Great Snow Race begins August 25!” Mountain Expedition YouTube VIDEO 2010 :)

Intense Athletes!

Serious sled racers speed down the Ski Hill.

Rumors about the Great Snow Race are heating up! Two sled racers were stoked to talk to us about mastering Sled Racing. “It helps to have the right equipment,” said one sled racer. “Check out the Sled Racing catalog while you're on the Ski Hill.” “Members can pick the sled or toboggan that suits their style. Me, I like the pink racing sled. The bright neon totally distracts the other racers!” “Yeah dude,” said the other racer. “Then you've got to practice, practice, practice.Especially ‘cause I feel like something BIG is coming for the Great Snow Race.”

Upcoming Events :)

Starting August 18 Party Construction Begins Workers needed! Help prepare the island for the Great Snow Race.

Starting August 18 Team Color Postcards Show your team pride with red, blue, yellow, and green postcards!

Starting August 25 The Great Snow Race! Get ready to speed down icy hills at an extreme party for sports fans.

Starting August 18: Team Blue vs. Team Red returns to the Stage!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 24
Next pin hidden: August 25 – September 7 Checkered Flag Pin CHEAT :)

News Flash :)

Ramp up your igloo with new furniture from Better Igloos! Half-pipes and foam pits can make any igloo EXTREME! Scope the catalog in your igloo! Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,Where's the key for the Hidden Lake? – C. Krett

Dear C. Krett,
I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve heard the key is hidden in Puffle Rescue. To find you an answer, I spoke with a gaming expert. “Finding the key to the Hidden Lake is NOT easy,” she said. “But if you take my advice, you MIGHT have a shot.” “First head to the Mine, and play the black puffle level of Puffle Rescue.” “Not the other levels! Only the black puffle level, OKAY?” “Okay, so when you’re on the first level (this is important!),watch for the giant squid.” “Don’t worry, okay? The squid leads you to the secret area.” “Follow the squid’s air bubbles to find the secret room. Are you listening?!” “Okay, so once you’re inside, you’ll see stairs. They totally lead to the Underwater Room.” “The key’s inside. Just pick it up, and you can go back whenever!” How to Find the Key in Mine Caves CHEATS :)

You can wear any item – whether you’re a boy or a girl!

Dear Aunt Arctic,Which clothes are for boys and which are for girls? – K. Lowes

Dear K. Lowes,
I’ve always believed that if you like an item, you should wear it. Luckily, there are many styles to choose from in the Gift Shop!Whether you’re a boy or girl, the Penguin Style catalog has many looks for you to mix and match. Clothing and hairstyles can say a lot about your mood and personality. If you like long or short wigs, shorts or skirts—it’s all about picking out what you like. Be sure to wear the outfits that make you happiest. Have fun creating your own unique look!

Secrets Classified Gray Fish :)

Did you know the island is swimming with gray fish? Here are a few places to catch them.

Ice Fishing: Members can reel in gray fish with the Flashing Lure fishing rod. Pick up the rod at the Ski Lodge, then head outside to start fishing. Ice Fishing Game Stamps and CHEATS :)

The Beach: You'll find the fresh catch of the day outside the Lighthouse.

Pizzatron 3000: Gray fish may be harder to catch, but they sure taste good on pizza! Pizzatron 3000 Game and CHEATS :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 302 :)


Dorian1453 said...

I'm glad to hear you got the bug too! I was wondering what was going on... Waddle on Saraapril! :)

Aunt Arctic said...

I have published the Newspaper, but the paper is still getting sent! Don't worry Saraapril, we have so many penguins on the island there are too many newspapers to deliver, I'm running out of ink! OOPS, was that blank newspaper I saw? ...And thanks for posting such a good story on your latest 'My Stories and Adventures'

Your friend!
-Aunt Arctic

Saraapril said...

Thanks for the Update and kind words Aunt Arctic you are the BEST Aunt EVER :)

Bin58 said...

hey saraapril, did you noticed the front page picture is similar to the mountain expedition?hey saraapril, did you noticed the front page picture is similar to the mountain expedition?

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