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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 305 :)

The Snow Race is On! EPF says Remain Calm!

The Snow Race is On! The Great Snow Race Party 2011 is HERE!

Fans cheer on racers speeding down the slippery Sled Racing track.

Turbo-charged races are here! We spoke with one athlete halfway up the Toughest Mountain. “I hiked straight up from the Ski Village,” said one stoked sledder. “This Sled Racing run is the freshest track I’ve ever seen! The AC 3000 must have frozen the whole mountain...”

“That’s why the new Sled Racing run looks super slippery,”said the sledder. “To get a handle on the track, I’m watching other racers compete.” “I’m going to climb up and check it soon as I finish this fish dog.” Head to the Ski Village to begin your race to the top. The Great Snow Race speeds on until August 30! Race Down Toughest Mountain 2011 CHEATS :)

EPF says ‘Remain Calm’!

Rookie asks aspiring agents to go to the Everyday Phoning Facility

Last week, the Club Penguin Times printed an urgent message from the Director of the Elite Penguin Force. To get some answers, we spoke with Rookie, the public relations officer for the EPF. “Hi there! I’m fine, thanks for asking!” “Oh, you meant the island. Um, well, it’s going to be safe.” “Wait, that’s classified! Uh-oh, Jet Pack Guy said I should stick to the script.” “Okay, here goes. Citizens of Club Penguin: remain calm! The EPF has everything under control.” “Well, we could use more agents. Operation: Hibernation is a REALLY big deal!” “Oh no, forget what I just said.” “Um, if you think you’d be good at protecting the island—please report to the Everyday Phoning Facility.” “Thanks everyone! I’ve got to climb the mountain now!”


G will relay urgent instructions to your Spy Phones. There is no room for error. We must succeed. Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be ready.
-The Director Operation Hibernate Herbert! CHEATS :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now The Great Snow Race Race to the top of the Toughest Mountain!

Sept. 1 Pay Day! The check’s in the mail for Tour Guides!

Starting Sept. 1 Penguin Style Catalog Step right up! Get your Fair costumes in the Gift Shop.

Starting Sept. 8: Fair Furniture arrives in the Better Igloos catalog.

Find the collectible pins! Hidden now until September 7 Polar Paw Pin CHEAT :)
Next pins hidden: September 8 – September 21

News Flash :)

Earn new Party Stamps for your Stamp Book! Climbers are scaling peaks to earn The Mountaineer. Agents are dodging obstacles for the Stunt Penguin. And members are earning The Snowboarder by showing off tricks in party rooms!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, Is it true there are polar bears on the island? – Herb Tracker

Dear Herb Tracker,
I can’t reveal my sources—but from what I understand, we share our island with a rather grumpy polar bear. Rumor has it that he was washed ashore here on his way to warmer places. I hear that unlike other polar bears, he can’t swim. I do know he’s not fond of parties. And that he prefers peace and quiet over loud and cheerful celebrations! Only the Elite Penguin Force knows all the facts, but I have a feeling this bear is very troublesome indeed. If you’d like to learn more, I suggest you head to the Everyday Phoning Facility in the Ski Village.

An extreme Tour Guide leads Aunt Arctic up to the Toughest Mountain.

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I sign up for a tour?  –Wanda Round\

Dear Wanda Round,
If you’d like to sign up for a tour, try heading to the Ski Village. You’ll often find friendly Tour Guides waiting there to show you around. Simply ask another penguin for a tour! I recently took an epic adventure up the Toughest Mountain. My Tour Guide was kind enough to explain all the rules of Sled Racing. He also cheered me on as I trekked to the mountain peak. (Although, looking back, I should have worn some climbing equipment!) If you’re feeling brave, do venture to the Ski Village and ask for a Tour Guide. Just be advised—some guides are more extreme than others!

Secrets Classified Free Secret Item :)

Hats and other useful items are hidden all over the island. Here are a few you’ll want to find.

Friendship Bracelet: Head to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop. Read ’Rockhopper and the Stowaway’ to uncover this colorful item.

Mining Helmet: Head underground to the Cave Mine. Stand on the dirt pile, wearing only the helmet, and press ‘D’ to dig for buried treasure.

Tour Guide Hat: If you’re over 45 days old, take the Tour Guide test in the Ski Village to earn a hat. Wearing only the hat, press ‘W’ to wave and start your tour.

Club Penguin Times issue 304 :)

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