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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feed your Puffle BUG!

When I logged into Club Penguin I got Postcards from my HUNGRY Puffles!

2011-08-06 10.28.48 - Copy

…And due to the Take care of your Puffle BUG this is NOT GOOD!

…After clearing my cache TONS of times I FINALLY could start to Feed and take care of my Puffles…I’m so HAPPY that you are HAPPY again IcePrincess :)

…BUT After I had Taken care of some of my Puffles I suddenly got the Loading BUG AGAIN! And had to Log off!

…When I logged in again some of my Puffles I just had taken care of were UNHAPPY AGAIN!

2011-08-06 10.48.44 - Copy

…Sigh…Please Club Penguin can you FIX THIS? I DON’T want to lose any of my Puffles as I know by Experience that you don’t have the knowledge to Fix the Adopt Certificate…White Puffle IcePrincess back BUT…Club Penguin Bug Proved themselves Incompetent!

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Anonymous said...

"On some of the games on CP, like Cart Surfer and Catchin Waves, the arrow keys don't seem to work. In Dance Contest, it works fine and you can still sit down using arrow keys. I'm guessing it's on CP's side, not my computer. Can you try it out and see if it happens to you too? Thanks! :D" -June14 (from other post)

@ June17
The same thing happens to me! If I'm on my Windows7 computer, and I'm playing Cart Surfer, the bottom key pointing down wont work! It'll just keep pushing me from side to side. Even when I just sit down my whole page scrolls down. UGH! I'm tired of this stupid bug e.e -Dreammae989-


Does this happen to you? Or is it just some computers? Can you investagate, Agent?

Saraapril said...

@June14 and Dreammae909 :) If you use IE try this How to get Club Penguin Games to work in Internet Explorer :)

Anonymous said...

I had that bug a long time ago. I had to get red of all my puffles since i was SO annoyed. You might need to get rid of ALL your puffles but write down their color and their name. then once you did that, you can get your puffles again but sadly when you give back your puffles you don't get your 800 coins back from buying all those puffles. I hope this works for you, Saraapril!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope your Puffles will get better!

Your friend

Anonymous said...

Since That Bug Happened. I Let Go Of All My Puffles Because Everytime I Feed Them I Log Back On And All 10 Of Them Are Hungry! ~Mario123boom

Red aju said...

For months I didn't feed my puffles. They were hungry and they sent messages. But even so I didn't lose them! This for surely is a Club Penguin bug (actually I think it's good though :))

Anonymous said...

i like the old way of feeding my puffle :( it was MUCH more easier!!! and now it takes alot of my computer time :( i wish that we got to choose which way we could feed our puffles...

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