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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

When I was waddling around I met Dannytornado with the super COOL Unlocked Blue Graduation Cap from the Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Small Fri8 came too and we all talked TOGETHER :)

…Then we waddled to the Ski Hill and Played Sled Race :)

…Dvivoni and I have just Raced on our Snowboard down the Ski Hill :) Let’s take the chair lift up and race again :) Snowboard ANIMATED :)

…yujins has asked if I can meet him at the Dock Today and I just missed him BUT his Friend Gammer6 is here and TOGETHER we waiting for yujins to eat his dinner and then came back to Club Penguin :)

…This is how Gammer6 has Decorated the Stamp Book :)


…We had so Much FUN Playing Hide and Seek :)

…Richieking10 and Jacks02 are here too and helping us to practice the Happy Birthday Song :)

…Jacks02 has met Rockhopper :)

…and Richieking10 has decorated with both Pins, Awards and Stamps :) How to Decorate your Stamp Book :)

…We had a FUN Snowball Fight TOGETHER :)

…yujins probably having so Much FUN celebrating his Birthday in real life so we decided to Celebrate his B-Day without him in my Igloo :)

…Jacks02, Sah1695, Superman7698, Saraapril, Richieking10, Petchy 4, Jordanbuzz, Greeny Grow2, Gammer6, Derek915, Cah1695, Gosig, Speed, Sweet, Chillie, IcePrincess, Snowflake, Sunshine, Purple, Shakespeare, HappyCrazy, FunnyHappy, Blueberry, Inventor, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange and Orange Wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yujins :)

…THANKS EVERYONE for coming to yujins’s Birthday Party :)

…TOGETHER we make Club Penguin FUN :)

…Game Time :) See you in the Slopes :)

…Congrats Rockhopper3 you are a GREAT Sled Racer :)

…Waiting for Jordanbuzz…


…Hi Captainblewy :)

…I can see that you have met my Uncle Gary :) COOL!

Sled race Time :) Please wait for ME!!! LOL :)

…Hi Fruitystar14 :)

…I LOVE this PINK Stamp Book Puffle Cover with Pretty Feather Pins :)

…GREAT IDEA Fruitystar14 :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN dancing and Shouting from the top of our lungs BE NICE! BE COOL! BE AWESOME! KIND IS COOL!!!

…Then we Played Find Four in the Ski Lodge :)

…Sled Race Time :)

…OR…Fruitystar 14 can’t Play this Game! She left the room and came back but STILL the Game didn't work so..

…we Played Mancala instead :)

…She is GREAT at Mancala :)

…and she tells Funny Jokes too :)

…Goodbye Friend :) See you another time in Club Penguin :)

…Snowflake and I are working TOGETHER with other Agents…Oops! I meant Penguins with a project in the Ski Village…Can try to see Herbert’s location on the Computer Clay11? WARNING! System under ATTACK! EPF!

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) Here you can see more FUN with Friends :)


Coolpiggy11 said...

Are you online as I haven't seen you in ages! :)


Sled said...

COOL! I wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Saraapril its MY dream to meet you! Maybe someday i will meet you if I get lucky. :) Pups2003

Fruitystar14 said...

To Saraapril
It's ok now i can play Sled Racing again now. oh and I had a fun time with you but I wish you could've stayed longer :)
From Fruitystar14

Spigos said...

I love how you always play with your friends, I wish I could meet you again sometime when you're not very crowded or busy! And also, LOL very funny: "Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange and Orange" LOL hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hay saraapril! Yujins birthday party was FUN :) btw, Jacks 02 didnt meet sensei, that is the stamp for the sensei power card. :)

Saraapril said...

@Gammer6 Thanks :) Typo Fixed :)

Piplup21883 said...

Saraapril! I've found a bug! On the new homescreen in the background the town & ski village is how it should be at the Puffle Party! ~Piplup21883

Anonymous said...

Saraapril can I met you on server toboggan? tomorrow 13:30 pm. Please replay back. -lillesteven

Anonymous said...

that must of been fun

Anonymous said...

Hey saraapril! i would love to meet you sometime! have a happy day!


boo7277 said...

hey saraapril lets meet at the dock server walrus at 8:00 EST on august 23 2011 hope we have fun

kittyfaten said...

New EPF message By G! please give credit ~kittyfaten

Anonymous said...

Awesome Saraapril! It has been a dream of mine to talk to you and have fun! I saw you at your Peace Party but didnt talk to ya or get a postcard but thats ok :) Waddle On! ;)


Anonymous said...

Saraapril can you meet me today at 4:10 Penguin standard time?? My penguin name is P10 and numbers Pups2003

Anonymous said...

OH! And the server sleet! Pups2003

Mario123boom said...

COOL! They Must Be So Lucky Being Your Friend On CP! Look's Like More Fun Then The Puffle Party! ~Mario123boom!

Twinkle17665 said...

I wish I was there. I've always wanted to meet you! Maybe sometime we could go on.

Saraapril said...

@kittyfaten Thanks for your comment but I have blogged about that and credits ALWAYS goes to the FIRST Penguin that tells me something I don't know about Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

Anonymous said...

I saw gammer6 on clubpenguin today! Heh..... Pups2003

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril!!!!
i had a great time playing with you.
I was SOOOOOO happy when you put me in your blog.
i went straight to clubpenguin and pandana to tell my friends!!!

Anonymous said...

To everyone who hasn't met Saraapril! It is REALLY FUN to meet Saraapril! If you get to meet her one day you will know you are really lucky! (=

You never know, you just may meet her =)

Your Friend

64penguin2 said...

What Servers Do u like Saraapril?:)

64penguin2 said...

Perapin Your Right!

Dj Pingy8 said...

Hey saraapril! I just wanted to say if you could meet me on Club Penguin on Windchill, Forest at 5:00 pm Penguin Standard Time on Friday 26!

I hope you can come!

-Dj Pingy8

Speedly2 said...


A said...


Anonymous said...

@Perapin Thanks for the tip! I hope I will meet you and saraapril someday ;)

-Jad01 :]

Anonymous said...

Aww man! Why did CP have to put the Blue grad hat in the Treasure book?! Thats one of the only rare items I have! I got it when it came out in the gift shop a Looooong time ago!

PS My Penguin is 1740 Days Old! I started CP in November 2006!!

From Alex! The Bunny Hood Guy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you online in Club Penguin? If yes, come to Sleet server at The Dock. Me and my sister we want very much to meet you. When we startup the computer, we say: Did you read the saraapril last post? Is something new?


Anonymous said...

Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saraapril i forgot to come to my b day party!Omg!!!!Can you add me on Sleet at 10:00 Thanks and btw you made a party for me how thoughtful thanks saraapril but can we have another party my name on cp is Yujin so add me!:D You ROCK

Your Biggest Fan ~Yujin

Anonymous said...

oh yeah saraapril i forgot at the dock!LolSorry bout thaat!


Echo006 said...


Echo006 said...

Was i quick enough? Was I first? Did i get credit??? -Echo006

Coolgirl670 said...

New epf message!


Jewelbird said...

New spy phone message!

Saraapril said...

@To Everyone :) I would LOVE to meet you ALL in Club Penguin BUT due to offline life and time differences I very rarely can meet anyone on a time that is set up ahead! I have posted your comments anyway and hopefully some other Penguins will come and play with you :) Waddle On and Keep having FUN TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

Anonymous said...

@To Everyone who hasn't met Saraapril :) Saraapril usually goes on Quiet Servers (1 Bar) Maybe you can find her :)

64penguin2 said...

Saraapril Ive found a bug. The Bamboo Pin Is STILL there!Please Give credit:)

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