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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parents Update August 2011 :)

Message from Disney Club Penguin:
Hi Parents!

Many of you are getting into back-to-school mode and prepping for a successful year. When it comes to learning, there are lots of activities in Club Penguin that can help kick-start your child's natural curiosity.

Adopt a puffle
Adopting a puffle from the Pet Shop is a great introduction to the responsibilities and rewards of pet care. Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Play Bits & Bolts
This counting game exposes your child to multiples and odd, even, and prime numbers. Find this arcade game in the Lounge above the Night Club. How to play Bits and Bolts Arcade Game CHEATS :)

Become a secret agent
By becoming a member of the Elite Penguin Force, your child can help others, solve problems and protect Club Penguin. Let them know there are missions to complete in the Command Room! EPF – Elite Penguin Force!

Count the jelly beans
The Bean Counters game in the Coffee Shop introduces players to color theory. Before pressing play, click the thread on the coffee bag to spill out the jelly beans. Click a jelly bean to access the secret level! Secret Level in Bean Counters Game :)

Be a tour guide
This job encourages your child to help others, meet friends, and develop social skills. Take the test and earn the Tour Guide hat in the Ski Village. How to be a GREAT Tour Guide :)

Chances are your child has learned something new in Club Penguin. Encourage them to share their adventures and achievements with you - and with us! We can't wait to hear from you.
- The Club Penguin Team

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Je45rry said...

Very nice... I can't wait for the Snow Race party! :D I haven't played bits & bolts yet... :S

haley7249 said...

Saraapril you know the new epf login screen theres a shadow behind the protobot and its the old crab! :O

Anonymous said...

I hope Herbert escapes. It's so much more fun knowing he is here, hiding nearby!!

Fruitystar14 said...

To Saraapril
Oh I read that whole post and it's really cool email they sent us penguins it tells penguins about something awesome :)
From Fruitystar14

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