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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Team Blue vs. Team Red at The Stage is Back :)

The Team Red and Team Blue are back at the Stage :)

…Throw a snowball in here and it will become a doge ball :) You can click on the Basketball Goal too :) You can adjust the Spotlights in here and click on the Red or Blue Squares to adjust the score :)

…BUT! Sadly there is a BUG with the Snowball Throwing right now! Thanks Dj Wazzer for telling me about the Snowball Bug :) And if anyone can spot the Yellow Puffle Shakespeare in here Please let me know :)

…The Costume Trunk :)

Since the beginning of time, two teams have struggled for greatness. Bearing for ancient colors of their ancestors, they have met on every field of contest known to penguin-kind. Now, Team Blue and Team Red will clash in the greatest game in all of history: Dodge Ball. Who will win? Find out in…


Off the court, Jeff is an average citizen. But on the court, he is The Law. Watch out! “When this ref calls foul, you best throw in the towel.”

Tate the Migrator

The next member of the Team Blue Crew, Tate is ready for anything – except maybe icebergs. “There’s no greater Migrator than my Migrator.”

Zeus the Mouse

Head of the Team Blue Crew, this slightly unsure mascot is here to dodge the ball and hopefully throw it, too. “There’s no excuse when the moose is on the loose.”


Head of the Read Team, Scarlet is an unstoppable force on the court. She can launch a power ball without messing her hair. “You’re good… But I’m better!”

Eric The Red

Silent. Skilled. Perfect. Eric the Red is known for his intense abilities. Rumored to have ninja training, Eric can peg a Puffle O from across the room. “…”

…Mouse over this Page in The Catalog to find the Hidden Secret Red Viking Helmet 750 coins BUT it doesn't matter how many times you close and open the Red Viking Helmet you still don’t get the Secret Blue Viking Helmet! This must be a BUG!

The Director :)

…Oops The Script for the Play Secret of the Bamboo Forest is still here…

…HURRAY! Script Bug Fixed :)

…BUT the Enchanted Feather Pin is STILL HERE at the Beacon! Bug!

Lets go back to the Stage and take a closer look at the Team Blue vs. Team Red Script :)

Jeff: It's the final match of the Dodge ball championship!
Zeus: Alright, here we go. Don't get nervous. Don't get nervous.
Tate: Arr! Don't worry Zeus, we're ready for this. Chin up, sailor!
Zeus: I'll try.
Jeff: In this corner, those marvelous mascots, the BLUE TEAM!
Jeff: And in this corner, the defending champs, the RED TEAM!
Scarlet: Well, this should be easy, right Eric?
Eric: . . .
Scarlet: Haha! Good one!
Jeff: Alright guys, I want a nice friendly game. I mean it.
Scarlet: You got it ref. A nice SHORT friendly game.
Tate: Hey! I heard that!
Jeff: Alright, here we go. GAME ON!
Scarlet: Ready or not, here comes my super ultra mega power ball!
note: (Scarlet throws a dodge ball.)
Zeus: Yikes! That almost took my antlers off!
Tate: Look out Zeus!
note: (Eric throws a dodge ball and misses.)
Tate: HA! Is that all you got?
Eric: . . . note: (Eric throws a dodge ball, and pegs Tate!)
Tate: Oh no! I'm down! I'm down!
Scarlet: Ha ha ha! More like Tate the SUNKEN Migrator!
Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! Tate is out!
Eric: . . .
Zeus: Oh no! I'm all alone! I can't do this!
Scarlet: Alright, just one more power ball, and this game is OVER!
Jeff: TWEET! Foul! Too many shoes on the court!
Zeus: Wait, what?
Jeff: Someone has to take off his or her shoes. I mean it!
Scarlet: Fine, I'll take off my shoes.
Jeff: Game on!
Scarlet: Alright Zeus, any last words before you're out?
Zeus: Umm... How about 'yikes!'
Jeff: TWEET! Foul! No saying 'yikes' on the court!
Scarlet: What? That's just silly!
Zeus: Umm, sorry? I won't do it again...
Jeff: Game on!
Scarlet: As I was saying, here comes my most powerful dodge ball!
Jeff: TWEET! Foul!
Scarlet: Now what?!
Jeff: Your name is too long. You must shorten it.
Scarlet: Okay, this is getting crazy! I'm just going to throw the ball.
note: (Scarlet throws  dodge ball)
Zeus: Gadzooks!
note: (Dodge ball misses Zeus, rebounds backs)
Scarlet: Look out! Runaway dodge ball!
Eric: ! ! !
note: (Dodge ball misses Team Red, rebounds and hits Jeff!)
Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! The ref is out!
Zeus: But wait... YOU'RE the ref!
Scarlet: Yeah, I didn't mean to hit you.
Jeff: Doesn't matter. Rules are rules. TWEET! Game on!!
Scarlet: Alright then. Let's finish this, Blue Team!
Zeus: You're on!
note: (They finish the game. It's up to you to decide who wins!)
Tate: And the winner is...
Everyone: RED TEAM!
Everyone: BLUE TEAM!
Everyone: IT'S A TIE!note: THE END.
note: Director
Director: Places please!
Director: 5 minute call, actors to the stage.
Director: Let's take it from the top!
Director: It's a wrap!

And Now a Guided Tour: Greetings from the Plaza! From here, you can visit the Pizza Parlor cheer on Team Blue and Team Red at the Stage...or you can adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop.

…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Team Blue vs. Team Red. If you're interested in a job actors, directors, and moose mascots are needed!

…Time to find some Friends to challenge in a Friendly Game :)

Under the label The Stage you will find more info about all the Club Penguin Plays :)

UPDATE: Thanks Guy Fieri for finding Shakespeare :) Click on Go Blue sign or Team Red sign and the Yellow Puffle will come and cheer :)



64penguin2 said...

New postcards!

64penguin2 said...

On the third page of the "Costume Trunk" click on the balls and you get the Red Viking Helmet!

Dj Wazzer said...

Saraapril, I found a bug. When you are at the Stage and throw a snowball, it will just be a normal snowball.

Coolgirl670 said...

I found the yellow puffle.
He will come with red face paint when you click Team Red and he will come with blue face paint when you click Go Blue


Guy Fieri said...

Saraapril, I found Shakespeare!! Click on the sign that says "Go Blue!"

Anonymous said...

I have found Shakespeare click team red sign or go blue sign if you click them he will come out and cheer the team you click on

Pls throw a party in the ice berg

Cute kirby22
your fan

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