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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today a NEW level was added to the Elite Penguin Force System Defender Game! How to Play Disney Club Penguin’s System Defender EPF CHEATS :)

Warning System Under Attack!

The EPF Mainframe is under attack! Multiple enemy signals detected. You must defend the system at any cost. Click on Defend System…

…Tips: Build strong in the Beginning of the Game and closer to the Mainframe later :)

G: Agents, there’s no time to explain. Herbert will attack any second.

Rookie: Whoa! What’s going on G?

G: No time. Keep him busy as long as you can. I’m tracking his location.

Jet Pack Guy: Understood, G. We got this. Incoming wave of bots!

Herbert: MWAHAHA! Surprise, Epic Penguin Failures! I’m back!

Jet Pack Guy: Herbert! Don’t you ever learn? You’ll never defeat the EPF.

Herbert: We’ll see about that, Sunglasses McJetPack. Or whatever your name is.

Herbert: Klutzy! Send in the next wave!

G: Good work everyone. I’ve muted the line – Herbert can’t hear us.

Rookie: G what’s happening??? I’m so confused!

G: We’ve known for weeks that Herbert was going to attack. But we couldn’t tell anyone.

Director: We got a tip that he had full access to the Comm App. So we closed communications.

G: We have a plan. We’re going to trace his line. But we need to keep him attacking.

Director: We’re counting on all you you. G – unmute the line…

Herbert: Time for attack pattern: Ultra Orangutan of DOOM!

Herbert: You agents are much quieter than usual. Scared speechless, are we?

Jet Pack Guy: More like we’re bored. Is that all you got?

Herbert: What?! I’ll show you! Klutzy, send in the next wave! Full power!

Klutzy: Click click click. =(

Jet Pack Guy: If we’re going to survive, I think we’re going to need more purple cannons…

G: Line Muted. We’re safe to talk for a moment.

Jet Pack Guy: Did you track Herbert’s location, G? Do you know where he is?

G: Halfway there. We know for sure he’s in the mountains somewhere. Still processing…

Director: If Herbert attempts to retreat, do whatever you can to keep him on the line.

G: It’s dangerous, but we’re counting on you – keep it up! Unmuting Line.

Herbert: HELLO? Anyone there?! How dare you ignore me? Well, try to ignore THIS!

Herbert: Blast it all! There are too many cannons now. We need to retreat, Klutzy.

Herbert: You fools may have won, but I’ll be back! With better bots than ever.

Jet Pack Guy: We all know that’s a waste of time. Admit it – your inventions stink.

Herbert: WHAT??? You fool!

Herbert: You want to see TRUE power?

Herbert: I’ll SHOW you true power!

Herbert: Klutzy! Send in out most powerful wave! SEND IN EVERYTHING!


G: It’s done! We’ve got him!

Director: Disconnect Herbert from the mainframe, now!

Herbert: What? What are you…


G: Great work everyone! We have Herbert’s location!

G: His hideout is at Toughest Mountain. I knew it! We can begin our next operation!

Jet Pack Guy: Director, with all due respect, what is going on?

Director: In short, we’ve been preparing a plan to finally capture Herbert.

Director: G will provide more information soon. Be ready… for Operation Hibernation. Secret Message from the Director!

DONE! System Defended! You successfully defended the EPF mainframe computer. All systems are returned to normal. 2 Medal earned. And Track Herbert Stamp Earned :)

…System Defender Stamps 13 of 13…WAIT that is WRONG! It should be 14 of 14…This is a BUG!

…Sadly I only got ONE Medal not two as Promised…BUG! Earlier I had 21 Medals and now I have 22…

…System Defender No Threats Detected! If you want to Play more click on Advanced and…

…Select a Level…Track Herbert! Herbert P Bear is back with more tricks up his sleeve. Are you ready to face him? (There is a space before the word Herbert = Typo ) The Challenge level rating is now removed from ALL Levels!

…The Track Herbert Stamp is NOT in my Stamp Book! Another BUG!

…I contacted Club Penguin…they didn't answered my email BUT when I later on went to take a screenshot for this post the System Defender were Under ATTACK! AGAIN! Bug!?!

…Track Herbert Stamp Earned AGAIN!

…and this time I got the Stamp Message :)

…Now the Track Herbert Stamp is in my Stamp Book :)

…I earned ONE More Medal not Two so that Bug is still in the Game BUT as I kept the earlier Medal I got BOTH :) BUT due to the Bug I have now one Extra Career Total it should be 54 but are 55...Last time this happened to me it took Club Penguin FOREVER to fix it! Too many Medal Bug Fixed!

…Once again I can only say that it is WAY too many Bugs in Disney Club Penguin! Club Penguin Bugs!

Great Snow race Construction in Ski Village :)

UPDATE: Track Herbert in System Defender EPF VIDEO!


Anonymous said...

Saraapril, I got that stamp too.It was quite easy. -Lebron2423

Dj Pingy8 said...

It's me! Dj Pingy8!

New CP Home Page! It's so cool!!

-Dj Pingy8

James Carrot said...

i dint get any medals :(

-James Wortel

Colorbird10 said...

It's also bugs... Looks like Happy77 didn't listen to you when you met her...

Anonymous said...

I HATE system defender. WORST CP GAME EVER.

Anonymous said...


Gary3008 said...

This Level Is Much To Hard.

Giamz said...

SO HARD... I am tearing my hair out trying!

Giamz XD

marioman121 said...

Do we have to beat the level or can we just skip it?

Gary3008 said...

Saraapril how did you beat this level?!

Coolgirl670 said...

I only got one!


Dj Pingy8 said...

This level was HARD but I tried for about 11 times and the 12th time I one and got medals! ;)

-Dj Pingy8

Ikk200 said...

Hey Saraapril, I have found a typo in you entry "WARNING! System Under ATTACK! EPF!" At to end you wrote "...ONE medal mot two..." You wrote MOT instead of NOT.


Je45rry said...

Something tells me that klutzy is sad... :(

Dorian1453 said...

Actually Saraapril you are meant to have a career total of 55. :) I emailed Club Penguin about not getting 2 medals and so they added another medal to my account, and my career total is now 55. :) Waddle on!


marioman121 said...

Saraapril, I thought that level was gonna be the director.

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