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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Now Club Penguin Wicked Winter Snowboard Contest :)

If you are a New Zealand resident you can enter this COOL Snowboard Design CONTEST :) We want to see your Wicked Winter Snowboard!

…Watch this Video for ideas :) What Now – Wicked Winter Snowboard :)

Official Contest Info: What Now is getting slick on the slopes this winter, and we want to send you straight into the action! You and your family could be hitting the Club Penguin skifields at Turoa and Whakapapa for a winter experience like no other! You’ll get all the training you need to shred up the slopes in style, and we’ve got you covered for travel, accommodation, mountain passes and gear hire! To get in the draw for this amazing family adventure, we want you to design a wicked winter snowboard. Everyone who enters goes in the draw for our ten weekly prize packs of awesome Club Penguin gear, including soft toys, coin cards, and a twelve-month membership! It’s cold outside, but that’s the perfect time to get cool on the ski slopes, thanks to Club Penguin and What Now!

How to enter and win!

1. Design and Make your Wicked Winter Snowboard
2. Write your details into the online entry form
3. Have your parent or guardian read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
4. Upload a picture of your Wicked Winter Snowboard
5. Watch What Now to win!

…Saraapril’s Snowboard Design Tips: Be Creative and Go HAPPY CRAZY FUNNY :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Read MORE here Club Penguin Mini X Games Whakapapa, NZ :)


Shayder said...

hi saraapril wanna meet on clubpenguin?

Anonymous said...

LOL I was about to e-mail you about that!

Anonymous said...

Tickle your puffle feature has returned!

Saraapril said...

Thanks for the Bug info Perapin :) I have updated the Post about that Bug :) Puffle Bugs!

Anonymous said...

No problem Saraapril and good luck to all penguins in New Zealand for that contest, I would enter but I think I will give someone else a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi saraapril
I am a non-member, and recently I realised that i could call flare to me. If you already knew about this, sorry, i haven't been onto cp or your blog lately.
-Agent Agent6

Anonymous said...

nvm i keep losing connection! anyways 2 of my friends added Happy77 so they are going to see if shes on tommorrow! :) soon as they find her i will tell you straight away Saraapril!
Waddle On! :)

Mario123boom said...


Chloer24 said...

hi saraaprill i am ill and i really want to be happy so can we meet on cp pleaseeeee comment back saraapril for detals please
p.s im ur biggest fan!

Mr Pokenom said...

Hi Saraapril can we plz meet in cp?

Piglet254 said...

Yay! I am going to New Zealand Very Soon! I Am Going To Enter The Contest!! Wish Me Luck! -Piglet254

Marlins1fan1CP said...

:( I cant enter!

Chloer24 said...

hi saraapril wanna meet on clubpenguin?

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