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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

Yesterday I got this Club Penguin Times on a WHITE background BUG!

…and when I closed the Newspaper I was STUCK in a darkened Club Penguin AGAIN and had to Log off!

…When I logged in again the Newspaper was Bug Free and looked like Normal :)

…Earlier Today I got the Player card Bug Again! Luckily this Bug is fixed now :)

…and I got the Loading Map Bug too! It was really inconvenient as I tried to Track Rockhopper, sadly I was too slow Waddling from room to room so I couldn't find him! This Map Bug is fixed now too :)

…At the Terms of Use we have got three more languages: Czech, Hungarian and Romanian :)

…Disney is preparing Club Penguin for the German Language :) Here is a Picture from inside the Pet Shop: Mitarbeiter = Employees :)

…If you are a Non member with a Saved Igloo you will now get the Message in Germany! Wo ist mein Iglu?  Dein Igu und deine Möbel sind in der Iglu-Aufbewahrung gespeichert. Um sie herauszuholen, muss du Mitglied werden. Thanks Easyman78 for telling me about this Igloo Message Bug :) If you click on Mitgiled werden you will NOT go to the Membership Page as you should you will be disconnected and send to Login to Play Club Penguin! Thanks Littletias for helping me with this Picture :)

…The I have a Book BUG is Fixed :) And the Club Penguin Official Annual 2012 is Back :)

…and The Card-Jitsu Handbook is added so you can Unlock items from that Book too :)

…The Stamp Book Font is changed Back again :) GOOD I like this version much BETTER :) See how the Font looked like earlier Saraapril’s Fair Decorated Stamp Book :) UPDATE: September 30, 2011 The Font is sadly changed back to the thinner look again!

…The Text How to Play Mancala is little bolder and the words are closer Together…

…This is how the sign looked like earlier :)

…The Text on the signs are placed more in the middle now :) Here you can see how it looked like before :) Club Penguin Details :)

Club Penguin Bugs! And Club Penguin Details :)


Anonymous said...

Hi saraapril. Also when you are a nonmember and check out your old igloo, (the one you had when you were a member) it says everything in german. Take a look for your self!


AX said...

Saraapril! I logged into CP and noticed that my buddies had gone! Dissappeared!!

Anonymous said...

yey xD cp thinks of Romania yup

Saraapril said...

THANKS Trainman1405 :) Typo Fixed :)

Anonymous said...

I got gitch or bug check on cp go to the buddy list thy no friends

jmr908 said...

Saraapril! I had one screen full of buddies on my buddy list but now i have none!

Unknown said...

Saraapril! I have 0/100 friends! HELP!


1w34e said...

Saraapril, MASSIVE BUG! On Club Penguin it says I have 0 buddies when i'm meant to have 62 buddies. I've cleared my cache and logged in and out! From your friend 1w34e.

1w34e said...

Saraapril! The no buddies back is fixed, I have all of my 62 buddies now and I am very happy :) I am so sorry that I told you about the bug in the first place, but now it's fixed. So if you were going to post about it, just put an update and say the bug is fixed. From your friend 1w34e :) See you soon in Club Penguin

Coolgirl670 said...



Coolgirl670 said...

Never mind its not empty anymore :D


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