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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 306 :)

Sadly the FUN Great Snow Race 2011 is OVER…BUT…

2011-09-01 01.31.57 - Copy

...The Island is SAFE :)

The Island is Safe!

Rookie says the Director is proud of the EPF’s efforts. Last week agents carried out a top secret mission known only as Operation: Hibernation. To find out more, we spoke with the EPF's public relations officer, Rookie. “The Director told me to say ‘excellent work, everyone!’ Hey, thanks, Director—I tried really really hard!”

“Sorry about giving away so much classified information last week. But now that Herbert is captured, we don’t need to worry! Um, never mind.” “We’ve earned a break with all our hard work! Let's head to the Gift Shop and celebrate with Fair costumes.” “Someone hand me a rooster outfit!” Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :)


Congratulations, agents. Operation: Hibernation was a success. Herbert is in a state of deep sleep. Herbert Cam EPF :)

Enjoy the Fair costumes, but continue to monitor the security camera in the Command Room. Even in times of celebration, the EPF must stay alert. – The Director

Fair Costumes Out Now!

For the first time, car costumes are available in the Gift Shop.

The Fair is coming September 22! To begin the celebration, party planners have released bumper cars and other costumes inspired by The Fair.

“This year’s Fair is going to be huge!” said one party planner. “I’d tell you more, but these cows keep interrupting...” “MOO!” interrupted a cow. “See what I mean?” said the party planner. “Moo!” said the cow. “Um, anyway, we’re planning something big for bumper cars,” said the party planner.  “Moo?” asked the cow. “Yes, there’ll be something for cows too.” “Moo! Moo, moo moo, MOO!” “I think she’s excited for The Fair,” said the party planner. “After all, the festivities start September 22!”

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Sept. 8 Better Igloos Catalog Fishdog food stands are coming to your igloo.

Starting Sept. 15 Prepare for The Fair Unpack boxes and help get ready for The Fair!

Starting Sept. 22 The Fair! Play games and earn tickets for brand new items!

Starting Sept 15: Fairy Fables returns to the Stage. Fairy Fables Story Book :)

Find the collectible pins! Hidden now until September 7 Polar Paw Print PIN CHEAT :)
Next pins hidden: September 8 – September 21

News Flash :)

Traffic alert! Runaway roosters are causing cock-a-doodle chaos outside the Gift Shop. Drivers are reminded to use caution, and the when traveling.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
Which games will my puffle help me play? – Aiden Games

Dear Aiden Games,
Some puffles can help you earn coins in different games. If you enjoy Catchin’ Waves at the Cove, bring along your extreme red puffle. Up for a Jet Pack Adventure? Take flight from the Beacon with your silly green puffle. If mixing music is more your style, bring your creative yellow puffle into DJ3K at the Night Club. Or join the Dance Contest with your fabulous purple puffle! Sporty pink puffles make great diving buddies in Aqua Grabber. While intense black puffles make great Cart Surfing partners in the Mine. And I mustn’t forget Puffle Launch. Every species seems to like blasting off in the Pet Shop! Be sure to let me know what games your puffle enjoys most.

Blowing up balloons is a great way to get others in the party spirit.

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How do I get everyone excited for The Fair? – Bo Lunes

Dear Bo Lunes,
Creating excitement for The Fair is as easy as blowing up a balloon. Especially when you wear the Balloon Vendor apron! To pick one up, head to the Gift Shop and open the Penguin Style catalog. You’ll find the apron waiting for you on the Penguins at Work page. I advise wearing the apron in busy places like the Town or Plaza. For a special surprise, try pressing ‘D’ while wearing the apron, and holding the Bunch of Balloons.T he more penguins who see your ‘uplifting’ trick, the more attention you’ll bring to The Fair! Penguins at Work Balloon Vendor ANIMATED :)

Secrets Classified Hidden Emotes :)

Have you found the hidden emotes? Here are a few to try out on your keyboard:

Puffle: press ‘E’ then ‘P’ to show a puffle

Coin: press ‘E’ then ‘M’ for treasure

Exclamation point: press ‘1’ to show surprise

Question mark: try pressing ‘/’ to ask for help

See if you can find the keyboard shortcuts for all your favorite emotes!

Club Penguin Times issue 305 :)

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