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Sunday, September 11, 2011

FUN with Friends :) The GREAT Snow Race Party 2011 :)

Today I think it’s a good day for taking a waddle down Memory Lane so here are more FUN with Friends Pictures :) Qeuix, Summerkate88, Flare and I have just managed to Hibernate Herbert! Well Done Agents :) Operation Hibernate Herbert EPF :)

…I LOVE to talk to Penguins I meet :) Sadly my Buddy list is full so I can’t add anyone BUT if you have less than 50 Postcards in your mailbox I’m HAPPY to send a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :) Puffle3457 has the Orange and Yellow second Anniversary Party Hat just like me :)

…I was taking Pictures for the Great Snow Race 2011 Guided Tour when I met Shadowbeak :)

…TOGETHER we decided to Explore the Ice Cave…

…This Icy Place is very Fascinating and the PINK Slippers are still HERE! Proof of a Yeti Girl? My Stories and Adventures :) TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Talking, Singing and Dancing :)

…I needed a little Help from my Friends to test how BIG the Bonfire could be so I sent a Twitter Message asking for help and Squidward77 and Guys Rule were the First Penguins to arrive :)

…Very soon MORE Friends ready to Help came :)

…THANKS EVERYONE you are AWESOME!!! On this Post you can see an Animation of us Dancing TOGETHER around the Bonfire Add Wood BUG!

…Postcard Time :)

…TOGETHER we decided to Climb The Mountain :)

…We had so Much FUN Extreme Skating TOGETHER :) Time to Race! Ready…GO!


…CONGRATS Kulker :) You WON!!!

…Climbing the Toughest Mountain is Tiresome and we stayed at the Base Camp to Rest, eat and tell Jokes :)

…The Bridge is Built and we can continue our Expedition…

…HURRAY! We did it!

…Let's Extreme Sled race down :)

…WOW! Southpark 8 is FAST!

…Back where we started :) Thanks for the FUN Friends :)

…I LOVE to spend time here at the Half Pipe and First Tee, Dragonboy5 and I practicing new Tricks on our Snowboards :) 

This is so Much FUN :)

…This is how Dragonboy5’s Stamp Book is Decorated :)

…some of the younger kids needed help! Mushmuzz had a running beak…

…small kids are so cute and I have lots of real life training to take care of them as I babysits my littlest cousin so often :) Dragonboy5 and Leslie 1001 helped Mushmuzz too :)

…Hi Lilaimztwili :)

…This is how Lilaimztwili’s Stamp Book is decorated :)

…The younger kids were freezing and felt little scared as they were hungry and cold but Leslie1001 are a well trained Rescue Worker and TOGETHER we handed out warm Milk and Teddy Bears :)

…Time for HAPPY RUNNING :)

…The Test Servers were up and TOGETHER with other Penguins I did TONS of Testing :)

…Ice4ed and I working TOGETHER Testing the New Chat System :)

…I will do some Tests at the Stage too  :)

…Just as Billybob warned us there are lots of Bugs in the Test Servers! Music, Script, items and so on…

…Back to real Club Penguin Online :) Oops! Sorry I almost drove over you I’m Happy you not hurt Mr Kma :)

…and back in the Test Servers again :)  Millie 8451 interviewed me :) What do you think about the Test Servers?

…I think it is great that we can help Club Penguin! And with this sentence I helped them to find a BUG! LOL :)

…Naruto, Yunik, Millie 8451, Shaunold1234 and I had so Much FUN talking TOGETHER :)

…TOGETHER we ROCK and having FUN while Helping Club Penguin :)

…Hi Ginopie :)

…Beta Test Party :) Canadaemma is GREAT at the Keytar and TOGETHER we ROCKED the Town :)

Sled Race Time :)


…Hold on to your Tube Ginopie! Next jump is BIG!

Dance Contest :)

…CONGRATS Ginopie! You are an AWESOME Dancer :)

…Moonsoon520 and I played Card-Jitsu Fire TOGETHER :) CONGRATS Moonsoon520 you are Good at this Game :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin and the Test Servers you are ALL AWESOME!!! Under this label you can see More FUN with Friends :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Saraapril for posting me on your blog!

Hey hope you have a happy day!


64penguin2 said...

Meet me on Sleet!

Funnybum554 said...

Umm, uh, hey it's nice that you take care of these little children, but the 1st baby didnt know who you were. I mean, doesnt everyone almost know you?


Anonymous said...

HI SARAAPRIL!! its Millie 8451. i felt awesome when i saw me interviewing u on the blog :)

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