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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tour Guide Bugs and Details!

Right now The Tour Guide in Club Penguin is messed up! It’s a mix of Standard Guide, Fall fair Party Guide and Halloween Guide…Welcome to a Tour Guide BUG! These are the Rooms Club Penguin has changed the Tour Guide Messages in…Here we are in the Dojo A couple of years ago it was struck by lightning That's quite a storm out there right now…Hmmm…No Storm…

…This is the Courtyard Woah! A ninja pumpkin! Do you think it had to defeat Sensei? Sorry everyone there is no Pumpkin here yet…

…Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! Looks like Sensei's put up some decorations Keep an eye out! Ninjas might be playing invisible hide and seek…There are no extra decorations added to this room…

…Here we are at the Stadium Or should I say bumper cars arena?! Put on your bumper car costume and try out the track! OKAY! This is so WRONG! We are at the SNOW FORTS! But Thanks for the Sneak Peek Fall Fair 2011 Spoiler Text :)

…This is the second floor of the Night Club Check out the neon lights! Here you can play your favorite arcade games like Thin Ice, Bits & Bolts and Astro Barrier :) This is True :)

…Welcome to the Ski Hill the place for serious sledders Check out the fancy decorations! Let's serve some treats! TEATS!!! WHERE ARE THE CANDY! LOL :)

…Greetings from the Plaza! From here, you can visit the Pizza Parlor watch Fairy Fables at the Stage or you can adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop. GREAT This Tour Guide is Correct :)

…And so are this Message : Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Fairy Fables. Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed up your favorite fairy tales? Well here's your chance to find out! Pick a costume from the trunk and join the fun!

…I hope Club Penguin fix this Bug soon otherwise it will be confusing for us Hard working Guides…and hopefully they will Update the Postcards with the Fairy Fable invitation soon too :) Time for DETAILS :) Once again The Tube Transport and Exit Text in Command Room is Moved this is how it looked like when I took Pictures for Herbert Cam EPF :)

…And now it is changed and looks like this again :)

…Here in the VR Room the row space between TOP and SECRET is  smaller than before and all other text in this room is move just a little bit up compared to before :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: The Tour Guide Message is the Dojo Rooms are Fixed :) Please Club Penguin can you fix the Snow Forts and Ski Hill too?


Coolgirl670 said...

Maybe Club Penguin made a new holiday called halloween fair party lol.


Y27s said...

Woah, they messed up the tour again! But it's kind of weird that they are on different events. What's happening?!

Trainman1405 said...

One thing I noticed is the jokes are still the jokes from the Great Snow Race, not the normal jokes.

I also noticed a few bugs in the Puffle Launch app. :p

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