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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Club Penguin BUGS!

If you click on the Wardrobe icon on your Puffles Player card you can’t click on any of the other icons! Instead you must close the Player Card and then open it again…BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…The jalousie at the Coffee Shop door is missing a part BUT when we open the door it’s whole again…

…The Text here at the Clock tower is a little different! The “Club Penguin Time Zone” rows are closer to each other and the week day text “Tuesday” is a bit smaller :)

…My Mailbox is FULL (50 postcards) so I can’t receive any Postcards from Penguins BUT I got a Postcard from a Penguin ANYWAY! This is a Bug BUT it made me so HAPPY :) THANKS Fedie5 for sending me this Postcard :) I did some Tests and sadly this Bug is Fixed…BUT the Recycle sign is fixed too :) GREAT :)

…Since last weeks Update I sometimes have got this page while logging in…if I just wait it will come to Club Penguin eventually…

…At the Dock I often gets the White Screen BUG! And when I enter the Room I end up in this corner…

…I have no problems to waddle around in the Room BUT this Bug is NOT FUN!

Puffle Hats are Not visible at the choose a Penguin Page…

…When I try to Login I sometimes get Stuck in a “Forever Loading” Bug saying **Load_Undefined**

…If I keep waiting I get the connection was lost sign…

…The date on the Fence Pin is one day off! BUG! It should be Released October 4, 2011 Please Club Penguin make sure to add the CORRECT Date! (I guess this happened as CP was delayed with the Updates again)


Time for Details :) On the Where to Buy Toys Page Argentina is Added as a Country there you can Buy Club Penguin Toys:) See earlier Update Club Penguin Toys in Peru :)

…20 is the limit for how many of each Puffle hats you can buy! You can’t store more than 20 of this item! That make sense as 20 are the limit for how many Puffles we can Adopt :) And if you buy a Puffle with hat Toy and Unlock items Online you can get these Messages: You already have the max number of hats, so you get a bonus item!  You already have the max number of Puffles and hats, so you get 2 bonus items!

…Once again the Stadium Chairs are back to Boring Grey! Stadium Chairs have Colors again :)

…The Help Button on the Top Menu is replaced with Mobile…This is how it looked like earlier Club Penguin Sub Menu Bug!

…and the Help page is now at the Footer Navigation instead :)

…The Text “Purchase is required” is added under the Mobile Apps button!

…The Language drop down list on Terms of Use is changed again and three languages are spelled different than before so they instead of the English way to say the names now are in their own language :) Three languages were updated: Český instead of Czech, Magyar instead of Hungarian and Român instead of Romanian :) This is how it looked like earlier Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

See More Club Penguin Bugs!


Echo006 said...

you spelt most wrong its must

Saraapril said...

Thanks Echo006 :) Typo Fixed :)

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