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Friday, October 21, 2011

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Today we got MORE Art added on the Club Penguin Community Page :) I LOVE this detailed Drawing of PH the Puffle Handler :) I LOVE how you have made the Shadows in this Drawing :) GOOD WORK :)

…Look how HAPPY this cute PINK Puffle is listening to Music :) I like how Cool and Spiky the Puffle fur is and the cute and HAPPY Puffle smile I think it looks like she is singing :) GREAT WORK :)

…Billybob asked us to give him Puffle Hats ideas and this CANDY Hat looks both cute and YUMMY! WELL DONE! I hope Club Penguin Team makes it to an item :)

…I think Halloween is SCARY and an Unpleasant time BUT this Purple Penguin looks so cute in her PINK Bunny Ears and the Orange Puffle with Purple Bunny ears is Adorable :) GOOD WORK :)

…OH NO! A PINK Glowing GHOST and a BIG WHITE Penguin GHOST are somewhere around in Club Penguin trying to SCARE US! GOOD Halloween Artwork!

…HAPPY HALLOWEEN Costume Party in the Forest! I LOVE all the Detailed Costumes and the Depth you have created in this Picture is AWESOME! I can SEE how DEEP this Forest is! AWESOME ARTWORK :)

…GHOSTS! RUUUNNNNN!!!! I like how you have made the Penguin’s eyes to make him look scared and that he has something stuck under his feet! Is it a Candy? GOOD Artwork! Catch the Candy Ghosts CHEATS :)

…WOW! The Highlights in this Drawing is GREAT! and the Shadow from the Ghost that is reflecting in the Snow is AMAZING! GREAT ARTWORK :)

…This Lime Green Penguin is NOT easily Scared even when standing Beak to Beak with a Glowing GHOST! Look at the Penguins Feet! I LOVE Them :) GOOD ARTWORK :)

…Something SCARY with Red Glowing eyes is hiding inside those bushes and both the Penguin and Yellow Puffle are SCARED! But the Star filled Dark Blue Sky looks Pretty and Safe :) WELL DONE!

...Uh-Oh! Flying around with a Jet Pack during Lightning Storm is NOT SAFE! You better Hurry landing! GOOD ARTWORK :)

…Look how suspiciously the Red Puffle and Penguin in Ghost Costume look at that Pumpkin’s Shadow…That’s right! Don’t let a Shadow Scare You :) WELL DONE :)


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Sommfi said...

Clubpenguin posted my drawing! I made drawing number 10 :-D

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