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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 311 :)

Right now I just get stuck in a BUG every time I open the Newspaper and then I have to Log off!!! AHHHH!!!!!

…FINALLY! The Newspaper is HERE :)

Puffle Hats in the Pet Shop!

Stylish pets show off new hats from the Puffle Catalog.

Puffle hats are here! From sombreros to princess caps, thrilled pets are finding colorful hats to match their personal styles. PH, the Puffle Handler, has noticed some interesting reactions among Puffles...

“Crikey! Each species seems to like certain hats!” said the Puffle Handler. “Green Puffles love the sombrero, orange Puffles fancy the jester hat, but I’ve noticed most black Puffles aren’t fond of that princess hat.” “Not a good fit, I s’pose! All in all, it’s hats off to hats! The critters seem to love ’em.” “Oops, gotta go—looks like a Puffle hat parade is breaking out! I better join in, it’s already halfway out the door!”

Ghost Catchers needed!

Get your Ghoul Detector 3000 from the Pet Shop!

Strange, spooky creatures have been spotted around the island this week. One ghost catcher is on the case. “There seem to be a lot of creepy characters around the Gift Shop,” he told a reporter. “Luckily I’ve got the Ghoul Detector 3000. If wear it with my jumpsuit and dance, I can track down ALL the ghosts.” “And there are LOTS of them! Come to think of it, I could use some backup. Grab a jumpsuit, a detector, and keep watch for flying horses, headless horsemen and other monsters!”

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Penguin Style Catalog: Halloween Edition Witches and unicorns fly out of the Gift Shop. Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Starting Oct. 13 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Haunted homes are on the horizon.

Starting Oct. 13 Better igloos Catalog Gooey furniture items to slime up your igloo.

Starting Now: Puffle hats in the Pet Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 19.
Next pin hidden: October 20 – November 2

News Flash :)

Fair winds to The Fair! Rockhopper’s ship be sailin’ off, mateys. Look through the telescope at the Beacon and wave the Captain a fond farewell. Rockhopper and Yarr Sailing Away :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How do I get your Stamp?–Will U. Visit

Dear Will U. Visit,
I am very happy to hear that you’d like to collect my Stamp. You may run into me during the Anniversary Party on October 24. I’ll be reporting on all the events going on at the Coffee Shop. There’ll be cake, balloons, and of course, an exclusive party hat! Be sure to get your hat right away, because they’re very rare indeed. Come down, and find your favorite moments in the new Year Book. I’m especially looking forward to hearing your stories from the past year!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Starting October 13, you can buy Puffle food-right from your igloo!

Dear Aunt Arctic,
Where do I buy food for my Puffle?–Faye D. Mypets

Dear Faye D. Mypets,
I’m glad you asked, because I’ve got some exciting news for Puffle fans! You’ll always be able to buy Puffle food in the Pet Shop. And that’s where you should head right now. But starting October 13, you’ll be able to browse the Puffle Catalog—right from your igloo! That will mean no more rushes to the Pet Shop for last-minute Puffle food! I know I certainly have a hard time keeping enough Puffle O’s around. How wonderful to have treats always close at hand .Here’s to happy Puffles—and happy pet owners!

Secrets Classified Gary the Gadget Guy :)

Think you know everything about the island’s famous inventor? Think again! Check out these little-known Gary facts.

  • Gary is a little reserved—he’d rather experiment in his lab, than party in a big crowd.
  • Although he’s fond of the inventive brown Puffle, Gary doesn’t own any pets.
  • Gary’s favorite movie is Night of the Living Sled. He watches it every Halloween!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 310 :)


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In the newspaper says that there are ghosts on the island

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